Werewolf 42: Cyberpunk 2 Car 7: Elevator Metal

The train chugged along toward its destination. Sam Zecko sat in the darkness, awaiting her fate. With the dim light from the windows, she could just barely make out what was in front of her. Every time the team was plunged into darkness, Sam had expected a knife in the back, and every time she had been safe. This time was different, though. The people who had protected her were dead now, and the System agents were certain to act now.

The form of Taylor Vid appearing in front of her, wielding a metal pipe, didn’t surprise her. In fact, she was on her way to analyse them. When Taylor lifted the pipe, she didn’t flinch. The one thing that did make her react was the form that appeared behind Taylor. A smile flashed across her face just as the pipe came down.

The team heard a loud metallic thunk followed by a choking sound and then a snap. Each wondered who had dropped this time. A few more minutes passed in the darkness, and then the relative quiet was replaced by a strange noise. The speakers came on and began playing what sounded like a metal cover of… elevator music?

The lights flipped on and Selina came in over comms, “Who all did we lose?”

Taylor Vid’s body was lying next to Sam Zecko’s. Sam’s head was caved in and Taylor’s neck was in an unnatural position.

“It looks like we lost Taylor and Sam,” she said, plugging her commlink into Taylor while Jake plugged hers into Sam.

“Sorry, guys. Just a minute.”

A minute passed and the team took some time to look at the car they were in. It appeared to be an economy car. Small, uncomfortable-looking seats filled the cart with an aisle down the middle.

“Sam was clean. She was using an Analysis chip to find the System agents, not very successfully.”

Zecko/Sam Zecko is dead. She was an Analyst [Town Cop].

“Taylor, on the other hand, was a right little tonk. They were working for the System the whole time. I guess the money was too good. At least that’s another thorn in your side out of the picture.”

Captian Video/Taylor Vid is dead. They were a System Agent [Mafia Goon].

The team breathed a sigh of relief, save one member.

They looked at each other once more with suspicion. Three down, two to go. Could they finish what they started? Distrust and elevator metal filled the car.

Indy – Indigo Murphy – Old Man Robocop
Creeper – Jimmy Witcher – Deception Master

snugs – Doctor Roombina – Vacuum Cleaner
Video – Taylor Vid – Hard-bitten Dataminer
Lindsay – Zenon Kar – Girl of the 21st Century
Mac – Crocubot – Crocodile Cyborg
Hap – H4PP – Vending Machine
Mello – Jack Freedom – Robot Assassin
Zecko – Samantha Zecko – Explosion-happy Mechanic

Owen – Crushinator – Rural Moon Robut
McNeal – Holstead Haliptrix – Highborn Punchmaster
Thoughts – Leah Lemma – Mech-obsessed Engineer
Flaxon – Beatrix Isolde – Well-dressed Spymaster
Qweef – Quentin Larson – Weird Biker Dude
TCRM – Konrad – Taoist Assassin
Smapti – SM4PT1 – World-class Hacker
Dr. Nick – Nick Valentine – Cop Turned Cyborg Private Eye
Ralph – R4LPH – Underground Wrestler

Jake – Jake Doe – Female Amnesiac
Sub – Subaru Sahara – Future Sexy Robot Murderer

3 1 System Agent (Mafia Goons)
1 System NeuroHacker (Mafia Roleblocker)
11 3 Freedom Fighters (Vanilla Townies)
1 Tragic Fan (One-sided lover Townie*)
1 Analyst (Cop)
1 MedTec (Doctor)
1 Chronologist (Jailkeeper)

1 Vindictive Killer (Serial Killer**, Immune to Investigation)

*Tragic Fan has one townie with whom they share a one-sided bond. If that person dies, they kill themselves.

**Vindictive Killer was hunting a specific player. Their mark was killed before they killed them, they have become a standard Serial Killer.

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