Survey 3 – Radpocalypse Wow!

Time for another survey!

First, some links:

Survey 1 results –…

Survey 2 results –…

So for Survey 3, I want to redo the first one with maybe a few questions carried over from the second one. Looking for your help there on which questions from Survey 2 you want carried over. So do.

If you have ideas for new questions, feel free to submit them. If it gets overwhelming support, I will add it in. But not generally trying to have everyone come up with entirely new questions since I am going for more of a census (similar to Survey 1) than just a survey.

I dunno about the crush stuff. I will leave it up to the mods/MLA to let me know if we can do that again.

I will probably make the new Survey Sunday. So between now and then, let’s hear some thoughts and suggestions!