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Giftmasiversary II: Son of Santa

We managed to pull this together last year, so why don’t we take what we learned and give it another shot?


IT’S GIFTMASIVERSARY Y’ALL!! Last year we did this on the one-year anniversary of the Avocado (12/4) – since that’s a Monday this year, I’m bumping it back to 12/3, as Sunday seems to be a better day for people to participate in the Great Unwrapping thread.

There will be the option to sign up as a “backup gifter” – basically, if for some reason someone bails and a participant doesn’t get a gift, you can step in and send something in their stead. Best for those with flexible shipping options who can turn something around quickly.
There will also be the option to list users you cannot be paired with under any circumstances, intended for extreme cases only.

~*~Copy-pasted from last year’s thread~*~

1) Respect for privacy. There are a number of different options for both shipping and receiving, to try and be as inclusive as possible while respecting that everyone has different levels of comfort with personal information being out there in the world. I am the only one who will see the signups, and only relevant information will go to the person getting a gift for you, and only that person. Once the gift exchange is complete, I will delete everything. Trust me. I’m a data scientist.

2) Reduction of cost. There is a price cap, homemade goods will be accepted/encouraged, and Avocados will be lumped together by regions of the globe so as to cut shipping costs and keep shipping within national borders as much as possible. If finances are less of an issue for you and you’re chuffed by the idea of sending a package from New York to Sydney, please consider opting to ship internationally should the need arise. That said, if you’re a non-US Avocado, don’t hesitate to sign up – the more of you that do, the fewer people I have to beg to pay international shipping fees. That, or people might just opt to send you a gift card via email. It worked out last year!

3) LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP FOR EVERYONE! It’s always nice to feel like you’re a part of a community, but in a community as large as this one, there’s always a chance you might get paired with someone you don’t know very well. To that end, there will be a section to include things you like or are interested in if you choose. That said (and this especially goes for anyone who is getting a gift for a female Avocado), let’s keep it purely friendly – no romantic overtones, no professions of love written and folded into the pages of a book. I know there are some crushes out there, but unless you’re somehow paired with a user you’re actually dating, let’s keep it platonic. We want this to be fun, not awkward.

If there is, unfortunately, someone you would not be comfortable giving a gift to/receiving a gift from under any circumstances, there will be a place to note that and I am the only one who will ever see it. While I ask that you take the time to consider these exceptions carefully, I don’t want someone to feel uncomfortable participating because they’re worried about someone they have a bad relationship with here knowing their address. Once names are drawn, there will be no “swapping” or reassigning of names.

🌟 Sign up and tell me your preferences by completing this form by October 15th. If you have any problems using the form, or the form is not equipped to address your specific situation, please let me know ASAP.
🌟 Sit on your hands and wait until you get an email from me with your giftee’s deets, along with additional information.
🌟 Scour the globe/web for the perfect gift. Gifts should not exceed US$20 in value. Homemade gifts are acceptable and encouraged. If you plan on making a food item for your giftee, please a) make sure it’ll still be good by the time it gets there, and b) that you’ve addressed any dietary restrictions your giftee has. If your giftee neglected to mention any dietary restrictions and you want to double-check, reply to the email I send you and I will contact your giftee. Yeah, that might spoil the surprise a bit, but so would anaphylactic shock. That said, dietary restrictions are a good thing to include in the “additional info” section.
🌟 PLEASE ship your gift so that it will arrive on or before Sunday, December 3rd. Do not include your username anywhere with your gift. IRL sender names might be inescapable with some shipping options, but if you don’t include your username, you effectively remain anonymous. Plus, some people like the surprise.
🌟 Do your best to be lurking the AVCAD on Sunday, December 3rd! I will host an Anniversary Party/Gift Opening Thread, at which point we can all thank our fellow Avocados for their generosity, and people who are dying to know who their gifter was can ask. Please respect that not everyone will wish to know who their gifter was. No spoilers!

Questions or concerns you wish to voice privately? Email avocadogiftexchange@gmail.com

FedEx: https://www.fedex.com/ratefinder/home?cc=US&language=en&link=1&lid=//ship/Pack+Rates+Corp

UPS: https://wwwapps.ups.com/calTimeCost?loc=en_US

USPS: https://postcalc.usps.com/ (note USPS does a small flat-rate domestic shipping box for $6.80)

And I think that pretty much covers it!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Leave ’em below. I may make tweaks to the form as I receive feedback.

Let’s do this!