Werewolf 42: Cyberpunk 2 Signups

Time for a new game of Werewolf! This next game is going to be a sequel to the first game I hosted: Cyberpunk! If you’d like to look over the previous drama, you can read through The Story or for a full account, start with Day 1 and work forward. It was a ton of fun to write and you can get a good idea of the drama that unfolded just from the writeups, but for those who ain’t got time for that, here’s a brief overview:

The Resistance, a close-knit group of freedom fighters led by a woman named Sin, was infiltrated by several agents of The System as well as a terrorist bent on everyone’s destruction. Though many lives were lost, including that of the Resistance’s chief strategist, the freedom fighters survived, now gaining the allegiance of a new strategist nicknamed B. They also gained some new intelligence which may be able to turn the tide for the Resistance.

When you sign up, feel free to describe what kind of character you want to be. Much like last time, I’ll be writing up some backstories for everyone. This is a cyberpunk world, so mecha pilots, androids, cyborgs, etc are all fair game. If you haven’t played any games hosted by me, I love cliches and tropes, so feel free to lean into that.

1. Indy
2. Creeper
3. snugs
4. Video
5. Lindsay
6. Mac
7. Happ
8. Mello
9. Zecko
10. Owen
11. Hols
12. Thoughts
13. Flax
14. Qweef
15. TCRM
16. Smapti
17. Dr Nick
18. Ralph
19. jake
20. sub

1. McNeal
2. Kolya