Werewolf Away Team – Day 6

Lt. Barclay was nervous. Everything happening on this ship, the changelings, life on the Enterprise was never this stressful. The holodeck. The holodeck was a refuge, a safe harbor nothing bad could ever happen on the holodeck. But Lt. Barclay was wrong. As he enjoyed his favorite holonovel, The Lusty Romulan, the titular (heh) Romulan began behaving… strangely.

“Computer, run diagnostic on holodeck 2.”

[[Holodeck 2 is functioning within normal parameters.]]

Barclay approached the boobalicious Romulan maiden, who seemed to be stuck against a wall. He touched her shoulder, and felt something smooth pierce her abdomen and then…nothing.

Flaxon/Lt. Barclay is dead. Flaxon was Vanilla Town.


Lt. Commander Unicorn Dog had adjusted pretty well. In spite of the transporter accident that stuck him in a canine form, he was happy to be serving aboard a starship still. And wagging a tail, what fun! Plus the assistance of Sulu was incomparable. However, tonight would be their last night on duty.

On their way down a strangely silent corridor (though given the events thought Unicorn Dog, not too odd for activity to be down except for those on duty), Sulu was struck from behind and fell to the floor. Unicorn Dog went to turn only to find himself seized, a hand clamping his mouth shut as he was scooped up and carried away. He was found in the mess hall, under the lid of an old fashioned serving dish. He’d been phaser roasted sent to live on a happy space farm upstate.

Flubba Gunto (Unicorn Dog) is deadLIVING ON A FARM. Flubba was Vanilla Town.


2)Lovely Bones
4)Forget_It_Jake Scum
5)Flubba Gunto
6)El Marinero Klingon Warrior
8)Flaxon Jackson
10)InnDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDScum(formerly Chief Medical Officer)
12)HolsGG Chief Security Officer
14)Grumproro Changeling Doctor
15)Thinking Of Changing My Name
16)The Bill McNeal
17)Creeper Empath
18)space robot

1 Changling – vanilla scum
1 Serial Killer – scum
4 Vanilla Town
1 Empath – is sent a message about a random player whose orientation has changed (no info will be given about whether they’ve change from town to scum. 
2 Medical Officers (doctor) – has serum to cure Changeling Virus Are now Vanilla Town
1 Chief Security Officer (jailer)– (protects the player of their choosing from death or infection at night. If someone with a special power is targeted, they will not be able to use their power)
1 Klingon Warrior (vigilante) – Has a two shot night kill power

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