Werewolf Away Team – Day 5

Counselor Troi was feeling good about herself as she retired for the evening. Empaths weren’t used to getting much respect in Starfleet, but her time had finally come. Yes, all it took was an infestation of Changelings, and the murder of half of her crew, and suddenly she wasn’t looking half bad.

She knew there was still work to do, but at least she’d nailed one of those bastards. That was something. A job well done. But as she retired for the evening, she didn’t see the three dark figures lurking in the shadows, nor did she hear them as she turned on the water for a bath.

Or, it would have been a bath, if not for the recalibrations that had taken place earlier. Gas began filling the room, and despite Troi’s efforts, it wouldn’t stop pouring from the faucet in her bathroom. She desperately clawed at the door trying to break free, but her efforts were in vain. Her captors were on the other side, and she could sense they didn’t have her best intentions in mind.

Counselor Troi Creeper is dead. Creeper was the Empath (town)

The Changelings were feeling quite satisfied as they stood in Counselor Troi’s quarters. They didn’t love murdering people, but it was the cost of business nonetheless. And with Troi already dead, she had no use for her worldly possessions anymore, right? That was the logic Gwen used when she told her partners she would stay behind for a few minutes.

“Just make it quick, Gwen. They’re already catching onto us. We can’t lose someone else so soon after Jenny.”

Gwen stayed in Troi’s quarters and explored her extensive wardrobe. So many jumpsuits, and the sequins! Yes, she’d like this one, and this one, and, oh my, this one as well! She might be a murderer, but she still cared about how she presented herself!

And she would have left with lightly worn clothing, if it weren’t for Troi’s library. Surely browsing for another minute wouldn’t be so bad?

But as Gwen was absorbed in the written word, she failed to hear the figure approaching her. Betazoidian economics were simply too fascinating. She was reaching for a copy of The Lusty Romulan when she felt something wrap around her neck. What was this? And why couldn’t she breathe?

She struggled against the imposing force, but that only made things worse. She couldn’t breathe, and was only losing oxygen faster. As she sunk to the floor she caught a single glance of her attacker before things finally went black. Could it possibly be them??

Gwen [Forget it Jake] is DEAD. [Forget it Jake] was Vanilla Scum.


2)Lovely Bones
4)Forget_It_Jake Scum
5)Flubba Gunto
6)El Marinero Klingon Warrior
8)Flaxon Jackson
12)HolsGG Chief Security Officer
14)Grumproro Changeling Doctor
15)Thinking Of Changing My Name
16)The Bill McNeal
17)Creeper Empath
18)space robot

2 Changlings – vanilla scum
1 Serial Killer – scum
6 Vanilla Town
1 Empath – is sent a message about a random player whose orientation has changed (no info will be given about whether they’ve change from town to scum. 
2 Medical Officers (doctor) – has serum to cure Changeling Virus Are now Vanilla Town
1 Chief Security Officer (jailer)– (protects the player of their choosing from death or infection at night. If someone with a special power is targeted, they will not be able to use their power)
1 Klingon Warrior (vigilante) – Has a two shot night kill power

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