Werewolf 39 -The Pnakotic Party – Day 6

????, 1928

Two Cultists dead. The partygoers felt a sense of…relief? Calm? Perhaps before the storm, anybody would feel a sense of relief. Was it earned? Would they ever find out how to get back to Earth? Would the Grim overtake them? For now, it was growing late in the evening, and some were getting fatigued. Britta returned to her room, hoping to catch a nap, and no sooner did she close her eyes than a knife drew across her throat. She flew up, grasping at the artery, the spray cascading over the carpets and the walls, a Pollack of plasma. She fell to the floor, shuddered one last time, and lay still. The killer was getting desperate, sloppy. They left in a haste, leaving yet another gruesome scene.

Britta was a mere Partygoer (Vanilla Town).

Hols found herself sneaking through the closet above the main room, hoping to find evidence of where the cultists might have been hiding. She was sure she was going to crack this case, and indeed…she did, in a certain light. Ambushed from behind, one cultist held her arms still and clasped a hand over her mouth as the second stabbed her heart, the muscle tearing around the wound, pouring blood, growing weak. Her eyelids fluttered, then slowed to a standstill. In death, she would serve as another sacrifice to the Grim. Her body was discovered moments later…most of it.

Hols was an Undercover Agent of the Bureau of Investigation (Cop).

Day 6 will end at 11am PST on September 7th.


1. Lindsayfunke (Vanilla Town)
2. Owen1120 (Vanilla Town)
3. Forget_it_jake
4. Cuttles (Doctor)
6. Mello Yello Enthusiast (Werewolf)
7. MacCrocodile (Vanilla Town)
8. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts (Vanilla Town)
9. Zecko
10. HolsGG (Cop)
11. Smapti Jones
12. Subsaharan (Werewolf)
13. Shipwreck El Marinero (Vanilla Town)
14. Spiny Creature
15. BrittaBot (Vanilla Town)
16. TCRM (Vanilla Town/Yithian Watcher?)
17. Creeper (Vanilla Town)
18. Flaxon Jackson
19. Candide Lindsayfunke (Vanilla Town)
20. RalphWaldoWiggum

4 3 2 Grim Cultists (Werewolves)
1 Mad Soul (Serial Killer)
1 Agent of the BOI / Bureau of Investigation (Undercover Cop)
1 Miskatonic University Scholar (Doctor)
13 10 8 6 4 3 Partygoers (Vanilla Town)

Role-playing will be highly encouraged, but not mandatory. I picked the era and setting for a reason; let’s have some fun with it!