Werewolf 39 – The Pnakotic Party – Day 2

????, 1928

The shock had set in: they’d murdered an innocent man. How could a body just…burst like that? Some WWI veterans murmured about their fallen comrades in the trenches, about how men could just…disappear in rouge-tinged puffs, but nobody could claim to have seen this done without high explosives. To just…be gone…spontaneous combustion? What force could have caused this? And what of the eerie proclamation that rang out? What were the Yith?

After some hasty taping of makeshift paneling over the window, some calm came over them. The smell of the world outside had faded away, and there was no longer a terrible reminder of the peril they were in whenever they looked towards that boarded-up hole…but the memories of that detonation would not fade. There was no true peace.

Creeper, the man who’d led the interrogation, the one who’d let TCRM slip from his grasp, seemed empty, a soulless husk with no feeling. He simply excused himself, retreating to an empty bedroom on the opposite side of the penthouse. After a while, a fellow guest went to check on him, hoping to soothe him, hoping to explain that it wasn’t his fault…but as the door opened, she let out a terrible shriek, not the first to be heard that night, and certainly not the last…

He was lying on the bed, his blood having already pooled on the floor, the sheets drenched, the mattress sagging with the aqueous fluids. He was dead, and there was nothing ambiguous about the cause: this was murder. Cold-blooded murder. His eyes were still dewy with tears.

Creeper was a mere Partygoer (Vanilla Town).

But deep in the bowels of the upper penthouse…there was another murder happening that very instant. Four figures stood over a woman, a partygoer who’d not been terribly engaged during the early festivities, one who’d been out of most people’s minds…the perfect first sacrifice. The cultists swore their oaths to the Grim, their voices echoing in the chamber, their eyes gleaming with lust for the Dark Lords to come and claim their next victim. Doctor “Lindsayfunke” Toxin pleaded, and begged, and as she cried for God to help, her pleas were snuffed out with the stab of a knife into her bosom. Wriggling, pulsating, the last jerks of life, the fluttering of her eyelids, all ceased as her heart was ripped away. The cultists shared in the bounty, each tearing into the now-still muscle, the blood running from their teeth, the gnashing creating a cacophony of terrible chews. And then it was done. The body was still warm when they threw open the secret door and unceremoniously dropped her body through.

A guest lightly supped her gin-and-tonic, attempting to soothe her nerves, when Toxin’s body crashed onto the table. The gasps and howls once again ripped through the common area. Men rushed to the area above, rushing furiously to find where the body could have come from…and there was nothing. Just a supply closet, filled with cleaning supplies, betraying nothing of any consequence. Clearly, something else was at work here…something unknowable.

Lindsayfunke was a mere Partygoer (Vanilla Town).

Day 2 will end at 6pm PST on August 31st.


1. Lindsayfunke (Vanilla Town)
2. Owen1120
3. Forget_it_jake
4. Cuttles
6. Mello Yello Enthusiast
7. MacCrocodile
8. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts
9. Zecko
10. HolsGG
11. Smapti Jones
12. Subsaharan
13. Shipwreck
14. Spiny Creature
15. BrittaBot
16. TCRM (Vanilla Town/Yithian Watcher?)
17. Creeper (Vanilla Town)
18. Flaxon Jackson
19. Candide
20. RalphWaldoWiggum

4 Grim Cultists (Werewolves)
1 Mad Soul (Serial Killer)
1 Agent of the BOI / Bureau of Investigation (Undercover Cop)
1 Miskatonic University Scholar (Doctor)
13 10 Partygoers (Vanilla Town)

Role-playing will be highly encouraged, but not mandatory. I picked the era and setting for a reason; let’s have some fun with it!

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