Werewolves XXXVIII – Day Two

Dianoga only had one good eye, but as soon as Moutard’s body was found, that eye was trained on rooting out the villanous scum that killed him.

The town agreed that nothing would be solved by lynching someone without cause, so they went to bed. Dianoga stayed up late, staring into the hearth. With a piece of charcoal, Dianoga wrote some words on scraps of paper–“Moutard” “Old Oak Tree” and “Wolves??”–and pinned them to the wall of the study.

As he stood there contemplating by firelight, a furious pounding came from the door.

“Dianoga! Come quick!” someone shouted from outside.

Dianoga put on a robe and stepped into some slippers. “Who could it be at this hour?”

It was a werewolf.

Dianoga’s One Good Eye has died. They were Vanilla Town

– Do not comment here unless you are playing and alive. You can comment here to get a link to the graveyard.
– Do not edit or delete posts for any reason. I will know.
– Do not quote directly from QT or post screenshots. You may paraphrase if you are claiming a specific role, but direct quoting is not allowed.
– If you have any questions about your role or gameplay, I recommend asking me in your QT. I may answer publicly, but it’s best to avoid asking any questions that might reveal your role.
– Refrain from discussing this game outside official game posts and QT threads. When a day is ended, I will declare “twilight” at which point game discussion should end in that thread. It will resume in the next Day Phase when it is posted.
– Be nice. We’re all friends here.

Day Phase: The day will proceed until either a simple majority is reached (50% of active players +1) or the time runs out (see the end of this post for a countdown timer).

Voting: Vote for the player you wish to lynch. Sort by oldest to find the vote thread, and reply directly to my comment. Votes not submitted as direct replies may not be accurately counted. You may change or withdraw your vote at any time by submitting a new reply to my vote thread post. “No Vote” and “No Lynch” are valid, separate choices. If a majority of active voters vote for any single candidate (or “No Lynch”), the day ends early. “No Lynch” only takes effect in this case, otherwise, the player with the most votes at the end of the day is lynched.

Role Play and Characters: If you wish to play a character, that’s cool, but not required. I will try to keep track of character names if you chose to do so.

11 Vanilla Town – Your only power is your vote.
1 Cop (town-aligned) – Each night phase, the cop submits a name to be investigated. I will secretly reveal the target’s alignment to the cop. The cop may reveal this information at their leisure.
4 Wolves – Each night phase, the wolves will agree on a player to kill.

Town wins when all wolves are eliminated. Wolves win when the number of town is equal to or less than wolves.

When players are killed, by any means, their role will be revealed (e.g. Colonel Mustard has died. He was Vanilla Town).

Sample Vanilla Town QT Message:
Welcome to the village. You are Vanilla Town. Your only power is your vote in the day thread. You win when all werewolves have been eliminated.

Dr. Duck
The Bill McNeil
Smapti Jones
Library Lass
Dianoga’s One Good Eye – killed Night One – Town
Captain Video


Day One