Werewolf XXXVI Signups: Assassins in Athens

Werewolf game hosted by Spiny Creature

Lycanthropy (n): from the Ancient Greek lucanthropia, itself a compound of lukos (wolf) and anthropos (man).

The year is mumble-mumble-handwave BC. The citizens of Athens – or at least the hoplites and peasants – are relieved to once again have direct rule after an interlude of tyranny at the hands of wealthy archons. They are also relieved to have women and former slaves given the right to vote. MUMBLE MUMBLE HANDWAVE.

In this year of peacetime, a city has let its guard down. But behind closed doors, four wealthy oligarchs – children of the city’s oldest and noblest families – plot to re-assert their power and bring down democratic rule. With murder!

Feeling the stirrings of their wickedness, the sacred Oracle of Delphi is moved to help those who love democracy. She leaves her temple and embarks for Athens, disguised as a common citizen. Little does she know, a false seer with evil in his heart waits to make the people question her divine authority…


Welcome to Werewolf XXXVI: Assassins in Athens.

9 Citizens (Vanilla Town)
4 Conspiring Oligarchs (Vanilla Wolves)
1 Oracle of Delphi (True Investigator; Town)
1 False Seer (False Investigator; Town-aligned)

Game Rules
1. The 9 Citizens do not know anyone else’s roles, and only communicate in the open threads. Each day, they may be sent an investigation result from either the Oracle or the False Seer.

2. The Conspiring Oligarchs know who each other are, but not who the Oracle or False Seer are. They have a private chat, and choose one player to kill per night in their quest to undermine democracy. They may be sent results by either the Oracle or the False Seer.

3. The Oracle of Delphi chooses one player to investigate per night. That player’s alignment (either Citizen or Oligarch) will be sent to a randomly-selected player (only wolves and vanilla townies are eligible).

The Oracle will not receive the results of her investigation, but will be told who they were sent to.

4. The False Seer is a Citizen; he does not know who the Conspiring Oligarchs are. However, he has traitorous intentions, and only wins if the Oligarchs win. Each night he chooses one player to “investigate”, and a lie about that player’s alignment (Citizen if they are an Oligarch, Oligarch if they are a Citizen) is sent to a randomly-selected player (only wolves and vanilla townies are eligible).

The False Seer will not receive the results of his “investigation”, but will be told who they were sent to.

5. Upon death, both the Oracle and the False Seer will simply be listed as Town, and their role will not be revealed. As such, if less than two results per day are reported, it is up to players to deduce why, and whether the remaining results are to be trusted!

General Werewolf Rules
1. Each in-game Day will last about 24 hours, and each in-game Night will last about 12 hours.

2. Each Day, players vote to ostracize someone and banish them from Athens for 10 years. The player with the most votes at Twilight will be ostracized; if any player gets a majority before Twilight, the day ends early. If there is a tie at Twilight, there will be a one-hour runoff election; if there is still a tie, a random player will be ostracized.

3. Players should aim to make at least three posts per in-game day to be considered “active”.

4. Players may not directly quote their QTs or screenshot them. Paraphrasing is fine.

5. Players may not edit or delete posts for any reason. To change a vote, reply to the vote thread with a new comment.

6. Players will be assigned characters in this game, to a certain extent, but historical roleplay is very much optional and I think anachronism is funny.

7. Attack arguments, not people, and have fun!

I’m planning for this game to start on Monday 8/14 at 11AM EST, barring objections. It should run for about one week. Also, I’ve posted information / a signups of sort for meaningless character assignment in the comments, so take a look at that!

1. Flaxon Jackson
2. forget_it_jake
3. MacCrocodile
4. El Marinero
5. subsaharan
6. lindsayfunke
7. Owen1120
8. Admirax
9. HolsGG
10. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts
11. BannerThief
13. Hegel Exercises
14. Colonel Mustard
15. Zecko

1. BrittaBot
2. Otakunomike
3. Mello Yello Enthusiast
4. Lovely Bones
5. Dr. Nick