Secret Hitler – Day 2 – North Haverbrook Twirls Towards Freedom

Secret Hitler game hosted by Onan the Barbarian

Day 1 and Rules

The TCRM/Creeper administration has implemented a Liberal Policy.




The mantle of Presidential Nominee moves to BannerThief Banner will now nominate someone except TCRM or Creeper* to be their Chancellor.

*Once the Banner administration is over, they are eligible to be nominated again.

Player List
1 TCRM – Day 1 President
2 BannerThief
3 HolsGG
4 lindsayfunke
5 forget_it_jake
6 Creeper – Day 1 Chancellor
7 Flaxon
8 Happiest
9 Indy
10 snugglewumps

Current Phase: Legislation

Fascist Policies implemented: 0
Liberal Policies implemented: 1
Election Tracker: 0 (At 3, a Policy is AUTOMATICALLY implemented)

Remember: Don’t vote in public! Register your vote in your QT. When the timer runs out, OR all the votes are in, I will REVEAL THEM ALL AT ONCE!

Your vote WILL be public, but only after voting is over.

The current Presidential Nominee is BannerThief. Banner, nominate your pick for Chancellor by posting “Nominate: X” in bold. You have 24 hours to make your pick, and then there will be 24 hours for debate and voting (in your QT!). These timers will end early if the Presidential nominee chooses someone early, and if all votes (including the President’s and the Chancellor’s) are in early, respectively. Remember, a non-vote will be counted as a “ja!”

Attack arguments, not people. Players have different playing styles; be accommodating to them. Feel free to scream at people for being “a fvcking FASCIST” but do remember that using N@zi will get you auto-modded. Finally, remember that it’s just a game, and have fun!

Countdown to End of Voting