Secret Hitler – Day 1

Secret Hitler game hosted by Onan the Barbarian

At the beginning of the game, each player is secretly assigned to one of three roles: LiberalFascist, or Hitler. Hitler plays for the fascist team, and the fascists know who Hitler is, but Hitler does not know who his fellow fascists are. The liberals don’t know who anyone is.

The liberals win by enacting five liberal policies or killing Hitler. The fascists win by enacting six fascist policies, or if, after passing three fascist policies, Hitler is elected Chancellor.

As fascist policies are enacted, the government becomes more powerful and the President gains new powers. Even liberal players may find themselves tempted to enact fascist policies that help them control the table and assassinate their enemies.

Setup & Role PMs
6 Liberals
3 Fascists
1 Hitler

Liberal PM
You are a Liberal. The game ends in a Liberal Victory if either:
– Five liberal policies are enacted.
– Hitler is assassinated.

Fascist PM
You are a Fascist. Your fellow fascists are X and YZ is Hitler. The game ends in a Fascist Victory if either:
– Six fascist policies are enacted.
– Hitler wins an election as Chancellor any time after the third fascist policy has been enacted.

Hitler PM
You are Hitler. The game ends in a Fascist Victory if either:
– Six fascist policies are enacted.
– Hitler wins an election as Chancellor any time after the third fascist policy has been enacted.

Each round is separated into three parts: ElectionLegislative Session, and Executive Action.

You must choose a government to steer the country forward, but weigh the information you have carefully! If power falls into the wrong hands, it can spell disaster for the entire nation.

1. Pass the Presidential Candidacy
At the beginning of a new round, the Presidential Candidacy moves down one slot on the playerlist, even if that player was in the last successfully elected government.

2. Nominate A Chancellor
The Presidential Candidate chooses a Chancellor Candidate. This is done by the Presidential Candidate posting “Nominate: X” in bold. Players who enacted the last policy are not eligible to be the Chancellor Candidate. All players may talk during this phase. This phase will be 24 hours long. If a player is nominated before the deadline, this phase will end early.

3) Vote On The Government
Once the Presidential Candidate has chosen a Chancellor Candidate, the entire playerlist (including the Candidates) votes on the proposed government. Votes are sent via PM, but are revealed publicly at the end of the phase. Vote ja! to accept the government or nein to reject it. A non-vote will be treated as ja!. All players may talk during this phase. This phase will be 48 hours, but will end early if all the votes are received before the deadline.

If more than 50% of the group votes ja!, the Presidential Candidate and Chancellor Candidate become the President and Chancellor, respectively.

If three or more fascist policies have already been enacted, the Chancellor will be revealed to be Hitler or not Hitler. If they are Hitler, the game immediately ends in a Fascist Victory.

Otherwise, proceed to the Legislative Session.

If the vote is a tie, or if more than 50% of the group votes nein, the Presidential Candidacy moves down one slot on the playerlist and the Election Tracker is increased by 1.

Election Tracker: The Election Tracker begins at 0. Every time a government is rejected, it increases by 1. If the Election Tracker reaches 3, a frustrated populace takes matters into its own hands. Reveal the policy on top of the Policy Deck and enact it. Any power granted by this policy is ignored, but all players become eligible to hold the office of Chancellor for the next Election.

The Election Tracker is reset to 0 after a policy is enacted by the populace or a government is successfully elected.

Legislative Session
The newly formed government must carefully navigate the demands of a restless populace, but watch them closely! Some governments catch a bad break, while others take advantage of confusion to advance their agenda.

During the Legislative Session, all players may talk except for the President and Chancellor.

The President will be sent a PM with the top three cards of the Policy Deck. The President replies to me with one policy to discard face down. The Chancellor will then receive a PM with the remaining two cards. The Chancellor replies with one policy to discard face down and the other policy to enact face up placed on the corresponding track.




The sanctity of the Legislative Session is of the utmost importance! Once it begins, the members of the government should not post until a policy has been enacted; then they are free to share (or lie about) the details of the session. Remember, one or both of them may be Fascists attempting to deceive the group. This phase will end once a policy is enacted.

If the government enacts a Liberal policy: begin a new round with a new election.
If the government enacts a Fascist policy, proceed to the Executive Action.

Executive Action
Whether by fate or choice, the government has moved the country closer to Fascism and granted the President new powers to enforce his agenda.

All players may talk during this phase. The President is free to solicit input from whomever, and the group is free to offer whatever input it wants, but the final decision falls to the President alone. After the President takes an Executive Action, a new round begins with a new Election. This phase will be 48 hours long, but will end early if the President uses their action before the deadline.

Presidential Powers
-Investigate Loyalty (1st and 2nd Fascist policy)
The President investigates a player who has not yet been investigated by posting “Investigate: X” in bold. I will PM the President a message saying “X is a member of the Liberals/Fascists.” The President may share (or lie about) the results of this investigation at their discretion.

-Call Special Election (3rd Fascist policy)
The President chooses any other player in the game to be the next Presidential Candidate. That player nominates a Chancellor Candidate and the election proceeds as usual. After a Special Election, the Presidency returns to its original order. If they choose the player who would be next in line for the Presidency anyway, that player will be the candidate twice in a row (once via the presidential power, and then again when normal order is restored). Do so by posting “Nominate: X” in bold.

-Execution (4th and 5th Fascist policy)
The President executes one player in the game by posting “Execute: X” in bold. If that player is Hitler, their role is revealed and the game ends in a Liberal Victory. If the executed player is not Hitler, their role is not revealed. They are removed from the game and may no longer post, vote, or run for office.

Veto Power: After five Fascist policies have been enacted, the Executive branch gains much broader power over which policies are enacted. The President receives a PM with the top three cards of the Policy Deck, chooses one to discard face down, and the Chancellor receives a PM with the remaining two cards as usual. The Chancellor may, instead of enacting either policy, post in thread saying “I wish to veto this agenda.” If the President consents (in the thread), both policies are discarded and the Presidential Candidacy moves down the playerlist as usual. If the President does not consent, the Chancellor must enact one of the two policies in the PM.

Each use of the veto power represents an inactive government and advances the Election Tracker by 1.

About the Policy Deck
There are 17 cards in the deck: 11 Fascist policies and 6 Liberal policies.
The deck is “shuffled” at the beginning of the game, and remains in that order unless the deck is exhausted. It is exhausted when there are only two cards left. These cards are not revealed, and the entire deck is reshuffled.

Player List
2 BannerThief
3 HolsGG
4 lindsayfunke
5 forget_it_jake
6 Creeper
7 Flaxon
8 Happiest
9 Indy
10 snugglewumps

Current Phase: Legislative

Fascist Policies implemented: 0
Liberal Policies implemented: 0
Election Tracker: 0 (At 3, a Policy is AUTOMATICALLY implemented)

Remember: Don’t vote in public! Register your vote in your QT. When the timer runs out, OR all the votes are in, I will REVEAL THEM ALL AT ONCE!

Your vote WILL be public, but only after voting is over.

The current Presidential Nominee is TCRM. TCRM, nominate your pick for Chancellor by posting “Nominate: X” in bold. You have 24 hours to make your pick, and then there will be 48 hours for debate and voting (in your QT!). These timers will end early if TCRM nominates someone early, and if all votes (including the President’s and the Chancellor’s) are in early, respectively. Remember, a non-vote will be counted as a “ja!”

Attack arguments, not people. Players have different playing styles; be accommodating to them. Feel free to scream at people for being “a fvcking FASCIST” but do remember that using N@zi will get you auto-modded. Finally, remember that it’s just a game, and have fun!

Countdown to End of Voting