Werewolf XXXIV Signups: The Tarot Murders

Welcome, seeker. I’m told you wish to solve the recent string of horrible, grisly murders. The mundane techniques available to you from the banal worlds of science and technology have left you as baffled as ever, so you’ve come here to request aid from the mystical plane. You were wise to do so. Dim the lights and gaze deeply into the crystal. Concentrate.

Oh, this? This is my Tarot deck. Yes, it’s quite special. Those cheap knockoffs at the tourist shops claim to tell the future. This deck will do much more than that; it will completely reshape your present. Select a card. That one? Are you certain? Then your path is laid out before you, seeker. Close your eyes.

This is Werewolf XXXIV: The Tarot Murders

10 Town
4 Wolves
1 Serial Killer

Notes for players: The Wolves know each other and share a private chat. Everyone else does not know who each other are, or who the Wolves are, and can generally only communicate on the open game thread.

Much like the Tarot itself, this game will likely be completely bonkers and unpredictable. Hopefully, it’s somewhat balanced, but this could go in any direction. Every single playerhas a trait or power or liability or advantage (or a mixture); there are no vanilla roles. Players may identify themselves publicly however they wish, but they will also have a private name given to them in their personal QT.

Some players have Day actions, and some have Night actions. The Tarot does not only concern itself with the realm of the living, so players in the Graveyard still have a part to play.

Important: This game will require heavy participation. There is a constant interaction of roles and players, so it will be crucial to keep a careful eye on your QTs. If you use your power and it doesn’t seem to work (or doesn’t work the way you think it should), that’s probably on purpose, though please feel free to ask questions in your personal QTs.

Please comment here if you’d like to play. If the list fills up, feel free to volunteer as a backup. Role-playing is encouraged, but not required.

As far as starting time, we have a couple of options. We could start on the morning of Monday, July 3 or, since most of us are filthy Americans, we could wait until after the July 4 holiday and begin on Wednesday, July 5. Please let me know your preference when you sign up. In general, Days will be 24 hours, and Nights will be 12 hours (or whatever length is appropriate to get the next Day started at a reasonable time).


1) subsaharan

2) MacCrocodile

3) Candide

4) Shipwreck

5) Creeper

6) Zecko

7) FJ’s Motorized Hot Tub

8) Otakunomike


10) Spiny Creature

11) Banner

12) forget_it_jake

13) Thoughts x3

14) lutair

15) lindsayfunke


1) Admirax

2) HolsGG

3) Shinichiki