Werewolves XXXIII – Day Five: A Rudderless Ship

Crunch Harbor slept surprisingly well, considering everything that had been happening. This wasn’t the worst project he’d been on. At least with producing, you don’t need regular blood tests.

Even so, it was looking less and less likely that this project was going to get off the ground. Not only had he lost his director and writer, but most of his potential cast was dead, too. Maybe someone could make a movie out of this.

He pulled out a tape recorder he kept in his pocket, his favorite retro piece of equipment. “Note to self,” he said into it, “Horrors of Hollywolf 2. Be sure to get a hippo wrangler, or maybe just use oh god my back!”

It was not the first time he’d been penetrated on a film set, but it was definitely the first and last time with a knife.

Otakunomike / Crunch Harbor has died. He was the Creative Team – Producer. Production will continue despite the loss of the entire Creative Team. The studio has a serious problem with the sunk cost fallacy.


1. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts / Lindsay “Fake Eleanor” Lohan
2. Spiny Creature / Megan Draper – Writer, killed Night One
3. forget_it_jake / Jordana-Ann Mary-Beth “Maybeth” Sawyer
4. Candide / Candide von Winkle – Aspiring Actor, killed day three
5. lindsayfunke / Chloe Honeywater
6. Mello Yello Enthusiast / Hobie Mayberry – Aspiring Actor, killed day one
7. Mr. Rubber Burner / Mr. Kickass
8. HolsGG / Lindsey “Real Eleanor” Lohan – Director, killed night three
9. lutair / Chitose Karasuma
10. Admirax / Eddie “Rascal” Applethwaite – Washed-Up Has-Been, killed day two
11. Otakunomike / Crunch Harbor – Producer, killed night four
12. Oddly Flatulent Terrapin / Lance Lancer – Aspiring Actor, killed Day four
13. Subsaharan / Vincent Chase (replaces Betty / Ethan Cruise)
14. TCRM / Arno Brick
15. the good king snugglewumps / Meryl Streep – Aspiring Actor, killed night one
16. HappiestMan@Springfield / Harold Keaton

7 3 Aspiring Actors (vanilla town)
3 0 Creative Team – ProducerDirectorWriter
1 Studio Security Guard (jailer)
1 Union Rep (cop)
2 Rival Studio Spies (vanilla scum)
1 Rival Studio Saboteur (roleblocker scum)
1 Washed-Up Has-Been (serial killer)

The Setup
– There are three teams: The Rival Studio Reps, the Washed-Up Has-Been, and Town (all other roles). Each team must eliminate the other two to win, or reduce the numbers such that a victory is inevitable.
– The Rival Studio Reps all know each other’s identities, and they share a group QT. Each night they will select someone to kill.
– Additionally, the Rival Studio Saboteur can select one person each night to roleblock. The person targeted with this ability is unable to perform any night actions they might otherwise get.
– The Washed-Up Has-Been works alone. Each night, they too will pick someone to kill.
– Town doesn’t know who each other are, and except for the Creative Team, only comment in the Day Threads.
– The Creative Team meets privately to make important artistic decisions about the direction this production is taking. This is a closed-door meeting. They will send directions to you as the game goes on.
– The Security Guard can detain one person in the back office overnight. The detainee cannot perform night actions while detained, and any night actions targeting them will fail.
– The Union Rep selects someone each night to investigate. Their investigation will indicate whether or not someone is authorized to be on set.

Rules and Guidelines

– Please do not post in this thread unless you are playing and alive. You can comment here if you would like a graveyard link. Sign up for email updates here to be notified when there is a new game.

– You should aim for at least 3 posts per day. Players who are not participating will be replaced.

– Do not edit or delete posts!

– Most days will run approximately 24 hours, ending at 6pm Pacific Time. Same goes for nights. Of course, days might end early due to auto-lynching (more than 50% of active players voting for the same person will end the day automatically), and nights might end early if we get all night actions in, and one of the mods is still awake.

– Questions about gameplay (especially about how roles function) should be directed to the moderators in your personal QT.

– Do not quote anything directly from your QT. You may paraphrase, or even make things up, but do not quote directly. This includes the text of your role description and answers we might have given for your questions.

– Be nice. We’re all friends here.

– To Vote: Reply directly to the vote thread. It should be the oldest comment in the thread.

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