Werewolves XXXIII: Avocado Studios – Signups!

Welcome to Avocado Studios, where dreams are made (but also crushed, let’s be honest. In fact, the dream crushing is much more frequent than the dream fulfillment if you really look at the numbers)!

Gone are the days of the old contract system. Today, hopefuls from all over the world come to Avocado Studios, hoping to be seen. They go to audition after audition, but secretly they all hope they’ll just be suddenly discovered waiting tables at their day job, out walking the dog, or waiting tables at their other day job. Many of them will die in obscurity, but maybe one lucky aspiring actor will make it big.

Soon, preproduction will begin on the hotly anticipated Horrors of Hollywolf, a horror movie based loosely on the unauthorized novelization of the survivors’ accounts of the on-set murders that happened right here in Hollywood one year ago. Many beautiful and talented people were brutally murdered on set, and that makes for box-office gold! Unfortunately, representatives from the studio where the murders actually took place (they can’t sue us if we never directly name them) have been trying to get this production shut down, and rumor has it they’ve infiltrated the cast and/or crew and will stop at nothing to prevent us from cashing in on their tragedy!

And as if that weren’t enough, there’s also a rumor that Whosits or Whatsername (from that thing? You know, with the chase scene. It won all the awards, I think. My parents really liked it.) was seen creeping around the set. Doesn’t he or she know that their career is over? What are they even doing here? Ugh.

Factions and Roles
Avocado Studios:
7 Aspiring Actors (vanilla town)
1 Union Representative (cop)
1 Studio Security Guard (jailer)
3 Creative Team Members
>>Town Win Condition: Eliminate all Rival Studio agents and the Washed-Up Has-Been.

Rival Studio Representatives:
– 2 Rival Studio Spies (vanilla scum)
– 1 Rival Studio Saboteur (roleblocker scum)
>>Rival Studio Win Condition: Eliminate all other players (or reduce their numbers such that it is inevitable).

1 Washed-Up Has-Been (serial killer)
>>Washed-Up Has-Been Win Condition: Eliminate all other players (or reduce their numbers such that it is inevitable).

You may not quote directly nor screencap from QuickTopic. Questions about rules (especially about roles and powers) should be directed to mods in your personal QT. If necessary, we will clarify publicly in the Day Thread.

The Rival Studio Representatives know each other’s identities and share a private chat. Each night, they will select a player to kill. The Saboteur can additionally roleblock one player per night phase.

The Washed-Up Has-Been works alone and kills one player per night.

The Creative Team know each other’s identities and share a private chat. Each day, they will assign a task to someone on set. If you play ball, you might just make it big, kid. If you can’t take direction, well, there might be consequences for that.

Sample Vanilla Town QT message:

Welcome to Avocado Studios, you are an Aspiring Actor (vanilla town). You really don’t have a lot to do around here right now, but who knows, maybe you’ll catch the eye of the studio brass and finally break into the biz. I’m not saying you should sell out or anything, but it’s a good idea to be ready to take direction when it’s given.

We anticipate beginning Day One on Monday. Most days and nights will last approximately 24 hours, or potentially earlier in the case of auto-lynching or if night actions are submitted early. In most cases, we will aim to end day phases at 6pm Pacific Time.

1. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts
2. Spiny Creature
3. forget_it_jake
4. Candide
5. lindsayfunke
6. Mello Yello Enthusiast
7. Mr. Rubber Burner
8. HolsGG
9. lutair
10. Admirax
11. Otakunomike
12. Oddly Flatulent Terrapin
13. Jack 🚀
14. TCRM
15. the good king snugglewumps
16. HappiestMan@Springfield

1. Colonel Mustard
2. Shipwreck
3. Subsaharan