Top Television Moments and Weekly TV Discussion Thread

Hello again, and welcome back to the weekly tv discussion thread which is your chance to praise or damn your tv viewing over the past 7 days. Whether it be streaming or live, talk about whatever shows you like, but please be mindful of others and use spoiler tags when getting into specifics.

I haven’t had much time to watch anything over the past week and what I did use my spare time for is catching up on 12 Monkeys. I’m half way through season 3 right now, and without a doubt the highlight of this series is Jennifer Goines. Sure she was entertaining in season 1, but the development of the character in seasons 2 and 3 have completely elevated my enjoyment of the show. She has had so many great moments in the past 2 seasons, and her constant quoting of movies delights me, but nothing can top her 99 Luft Balloons moment right smack in the middle of a trench during WWI.

(but that heist episode came really close).

The LeftoverFor 3 years I’ve had a hard time summing up to people who asked me what The Leftovers is about, but I guess with that finale, it’s ultimately a love story, which is perfectly fine by me. The scenes with Nora and Kevin were both incredibly moving and satisfying, personally just watching the 2 of them dance and the emotions that went across their faces and the awkwardness of the moment had me in tears. But since I never expected an explanation of what happened to the departed, nor did it ever occur to me they were alive somewhere, I have to choose Nora’s tale as my top moment. If you thought the world was bleak when 2% of the population disappeared, just imagine what life was like for those 2% who splintered off into a parallel world where they were the ones left behind and 98% of the population went missing.

The Americans I honestly never expected this show to ever have me crying tears of joy, but that’s exactly what happened this week when it was shown that Martha would be getting her own little girl courtesy of the Russian government. The look of disbelief, joy and hope were so well conveyed by Alison Wright and I almost hope that’s the last we see of Martha.

What topped your week?

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