Top Television Moments and Weekly TV Discussion Thread

Hello and welcome back to the Top TV Moments thread: your chance to discuss everything that you loved about the last week of your tv view experience. Whether it be live or streaming, here’s your place to fawn over the shows you enjoy. Please be respectful and mark spoilers when getting into specifics since everyone watches at their own pace these days.

Agents of SHIELD Hell has no fury like a robotrobot-turned-woman scorned. Aida experiencing the pleasures of being a human seemed to last for all of about 2 hours before she got her first taste of pain(eh, that seems pretty accurate to the human experience). Unfortunately for humanity, and specifically the agent of SHIELD, she does not have any kind of coping mechanism in which to deal with that…..and to glorious results. I can’t explain why watching Mallory Jansen lose her collective shit is a sight to behold, but man, it was entertaining.

The Leftovers Well, twice now this year tv has bestowed me the honor of seeing a man get mauled by a large cat, and I got say, I thoroughly enjoy it. It’s even more satisfying when the person under attack is a man who is claiming to be God. I’m sure Lindelof was going for some deep religious imagery, but I’ll be honest, I just found the whole thing amusing as fuck.

Better Call Saul This week’s installment of BCS was so friggin terrific, I’m inclined to label the entire episode as one giant top moment. Leave it to Gilligan and company to find a way to make an ending feel really satisfying while somehow managing to leaving you feeling empty inside. Afterall, Chuck is one of the smarmiest, self-assured, condescending pieces of shit to ever hit tv, and yet, watching him walk into a trap in which his mental illness is used to discredit him was ultimately a punch to the gut to anyone who’s ever had a salient point which was dismissed under the accusations of being crazy. I will pick one stand out moment in the episode, the one that made me chuckle, and that was Kim’s little victory in her examination when she got to call out Howard Hamlin for using nepotism as a reason to not hire Jimmy despite the fact that the practice is called Hamlin, Hamlin, McGill.

Well, that’s my list for this week, now it’s your turn.

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