Top Television Moments and Weekly TV Discussion Thread

Hello again and welcome back to the thread to talk about all the highlights from you tv viewing of the past week whether it be live or streaming. Please be polite and use spoiler markings when getting into specifics, not everyone is watching tv at the same pace.

Fargo Always willing to try something different, this week’s Fargo included a short animated film(which was the unrealized movie Mobley was working on)about a little robot that has existed for 2 million years and witnessed the rise and fall of humanity. It walks around cutely saying “I can help” but doesn’t manage to accomplish anything and ultimately turns itself off when instructed to do so. I’m not sure exactly what the lesson was from this film, things when seen in context of the larger season change, but it was a nice little detour from the normally dark world of Fargo.

Blackish I don’t usually include quotes as a top moment, but this week Black-ish went onto a college campus and started making fun of how specific some of the groups are that recruit on campus. I laughed way too much at “I’m with the Social Justice Dance Squad. Do you believe that either the cop and/or rhythm are going to get you?” It was perfect.

The Leftovers For a couple with a total honesty policy, Kevin and Nora like to omit quite a bit of what’s really going on with them. This week, that tension building under the surface of their relationship finally broke free with disastrous results(shocking, I know). The final 8 minutes of the episode were just spellbinding, watching a relationship combust, quite literally, as Kevin sets fire to his gospel and the room around them starts to burn while the couple lays it all out on the table. I could sense the wind being punched from Nora’s gut when Kevin delivered that low blow telling her to go join her children. That final shot was just masterful, as the water from the sprinklers cascaded down her face as if a deluge of tears from this broken and lost woman.

In streaming, my top moment goes to the season finale of Catastrophe. The show had already done a great job in introducing Rob’s relapse into drinking onto the show, and how he was struggling to get it back under control. But the highlight of the season for me, was when Rob’s mother was staying with them and since he couldn’t burden his wife, he went to his mother for help. Carrie Fisher was so great in her final installment, instead of offering him sympathy and compassion, she went off on him and with good reason. His father was an alcoholic as well and in a matter of fact way she relayed how he broke her jaw in a drunker rage and that’s why she had left him. Then she threatens to kill him if he ever hurts his wife, but in a glorious moment of levity she adds that it’d be inevitable since Sharon is so annoying. I’m really going to miss her on this show.

Those are my top moments, now it’s time to share yours.

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