Top Television Moments and Weekly TV Discussion Thread

Welcome back to the Weekly TV Top Moments thread. It’s your chance to talk about everything you watched over the past 7 days that really stood out. I choose to focus on the good, but maybe something was so hilariously bad it was great. Or maybe you just need to vent. Whether it be streaming or live, here’s your space to talk about it. Please use spoiler tags if getting into specifics since everyone watches shows at their own pace.

Silicon Valley Not that I expected Dinesh being in charge was going to work out well, I also didn’t think it would backfire so immediately. When putting in Terms of Service for their new PiperChat, he forgot one tiny little detail, to include a statement that verified the client was of the age 13 or older. By forgetting to do so, not only had PiperChat made their customer base that of elementary school kids, each one of them was going to cost the company(and more specifically Dinesh) $16000. The whole scene played out hilariously with a counter on in the background making these pleasant little bloop sounds each time a new customer registered, and it was hysterical to have that sound continue through the duration of the scene, knowing each time it made that noise, Dinesh was screwed more and more.

Agents of SHIELD Ok, so this moment is actually from a couple weeks ago but my tv schedule has gotten overwhelming and I was behind despite this being probably the strongest stretch of episodes in AoS history. Agent Trip is back!!! Sure, he’s in Matrix form, but I really had assumed the writers had forgotten about him so I never expected to see him again. With this new twist that something from the Framework can be brought to flesh and bone in the real world, I’m fairly certain someone’s getting resurrected from the dead. All signs point to Ward, since a)the show bend over backwards to keep that actor around b)its a whole redemption arc c)the possible love connection between this new version and Daisy, but man oh man do I hope it’s Trip that comes back.

My moment in streaming is a tough one cause I’ve been watching a ton of stuff online. Lovesick and Catastrophe have been making me feel better about my own relationship woes, Louie constantly cracks me up, Fortitude is creepy as hell, but having just finished rewatching the entirety of Six Feet Under, that final sequence is at the top of the list. You’d think knowing what was coming up would have diminished the impact of the death reel of Fisher family and friends to the haunting tune of Sia’s Breath Me, but I was still crying like a mofo. I can’t properly articulate the beauty of this scene, but I’ll just include a link so you can enjoy it for yourself if you like.

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