Werewolf XXIX: The Roaring Werewolves, Day One: Bon Voyage?

Let us go then, you and I,
When the evening is spread out against the sky
Like a patient etherized upon a table;
Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets,
The muttering retreats
Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels
And sawdust restaurants with oyster-shells:
Streets that follow like a tedious argument
Of insidious intent
To lead you to an overwhelming question …
Oh, do not ask, “What is it?”
Let us go and make our visit.

On July 1, 1919, 18 passengers boarded the cruise ship This Side of Paradise in Chicago to celebrate America’s victory in World War I with a week’s jaunt around Lake Michigan. But for all the post-war patriotism, prosperity, and progress that invigorated the nation and made for a merry group at launch, darkness lurked. For some passengers, this was their opportunity to prove their superiority, to commit the perfect crime. For others, it was a chance to show that a stateless society was best, that conforming to a sovereign government twists people into warped tools of the state. Still others simply wanted to dance and drink the summer away in honor of the glorious US of A but knew that they must be ever vigilant against anyone – even friends and loved ones – who might secretly try to undermine democracy and the American way of life. The discovery of three flyers pinned to the billboard outside the dining room on that first morning – one for the American Legion advocating “100% Americanism,” one depicting a simple black flag and the declaration, “Smash the State!” and one with the cryptic, typewritten notice, “You are all beetles on a pin” – made it clear that this was no mere pleasure cruise; this was war.

Irritated by the cries of outrage and dismay from the passengers milling about outside the dining room, Captain Piccone stood up from his breakfast and herded the passengers into a small auditorium. Belatedly removing the cloth napkin still tucked into his shirtfront, he ordered everyone to calm down. “Clearly there are some unsavory elements in our midst,” he barked, “but we are Americans, and we will handle this like Americans!” He rolled out a chalkboard and declared, “We will vote each day to determine a suspect and then question that suspect most thoroughly to ascertain his loyalties.” “Or her!” interjected one woman. “Surely you don’t mean to say that a woman could possibly be involved in such dark deeds!” the captain sputtered, but the female passenger remained undaunted, while other passengers nodded their agreement. And so it was decided. All would be put to the vote. Surely democracy would prevail.

3 Anarchists (Wolves)
2 Übermenschen (Serial Killers)
13 Patriots (Town)

(Notes for newcomers: The Anarchists know who each other are and share a private chat; the Übermenschen also know who each other are and share a private chat. The Patriots do not know who each other are or who the Anarchists and Übermenschen are and can generally only communicate on the open daily game thread.)

Each player begins the game with a one-shot power (meaning a power that can be used only once during the game). These powers vary widely in nature and scope, and some have an expiration date. Some powers may have unpredictable consequences. One-shot powers can be day or night powers (as specified in individual QTs), and some one-shot powers cannot be blocked.

A player’s faction and one-shot power will be revealed upon death, but not the power’s exact nature, nor whether that power was used prior to the player’s demise. If a player is killed before triggering his/her one-shot power, that power will be assigned to another player by the Graveyard (deceased players). The Graveyard participants are forbidden from revealing their partner(s) (if any) to each other but may otherwise discuss the game freely in the Graveyard.

Every living player of any faction is eligible to receive an unused one-shot power, but no player may hold more than one one-shot power at a time. Players with an unused one-shot power who are assigned a different unused one-shot power will have to choose which to keep; the discarded one-shot power will then be retired.


You vote by replying to the very first comment, appropriately titled VOTE THREAD. It is easy to find if you sort comments by oldest. To change your vote, simply post another reply. DO NOT EDIT ANY VOTE. Only votes posted as a reply to the official VOTE THREAD will count.

Note that if the vote is tied at twilight (end of day), there will be a runoff vote between the tied players, with twilight extended by one hour. If the runoff vote also results in a tie, another player besides the tied players will be randomly selected for death.

Please make at least 3 posts per game-day, or you will be replaced.

DO NOT EDIT POSTS even if you made a grammatical error that is haunting you. Rather, read through and think carefully about your comment before posting it. Editing a post may get you mod-killed, and that would be sad.

DO NOT QUOTE OR POST A SCREENSHOT FROM A QT TO THE MAIN DAY THREADS. You are free to make claims about your powers and allegiance on the day threads, but those claims will not be confirmed or denied by the moderator.

Day One will last 40 hours. After that, days will last 24 hours unless a majority vote is reached before that. A typical night will last 12 hours. Day/Night lengths may be adjusted if necessary.

If you have questions that may reveal sensitive information, you can ask them in your personal QT. Please note that you are encouraged to ask questions about the rules of the game, how your powers work, and whatever else comes to mind.

Attack arguments, not people. Everyone has a different playing style. Be accommodating to them. Role playing is welcome but not required (though do try to be generally consistent with the setting and time period [e.g., no cell phones]). Finally, remember that it’s just a game, and have fun!


1) Sub Johnson (subsaharan)
2) Mr. Crockefeller (MacCrocodile)
3) Rooster Shinola (Shinichiki)
4) Maggie Brown (Admirax)
5) Virgil Mello (Mello Yello Enthusiast)
6) ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts
8) Phryne Fisher (the good king snugglewumps)
9) Corporal Candide
10) Mr. Mirage
11) Shirley Price (FJ’s Motorized Hot Tub)
12) Tim Allernton (Otakunomike)
13) liz156
14) Tyrone
15) Colonel Mustard
16) Helena Smith (Spiny Creature)
17) Firo Prochainezo (lutair)
18) Jake Dodgson (Thinking Of Changing My Name)

Day One ends at 9:00am EST on Sunday, April 23rd, or if a majority lynch vote is reached first.

Countdown to End of Day One