Werewolf XXIX Signups: The Roaring Werewolves

There will be time, there will be time
To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet;
There will be time to murder and create,
And time for all the works and days of hands
That lift and drop a question on your plate;
Time for you and time for me,
And time yet for a hundred indecisions,
And for a hundred visions and revisions,
Before the taking of a toast and tea.

On July 1, 1919, 18 passengers boarded the cruise ship This Side of Paradise in Chicago to celebrate America’s victory in World War I with a week’s jaunt around Lake Michigan. But for all the post-war patriotism, prosperity, and progress that invigorated the nation and made for a merry group at launch, darkness lurked. For some passengers, this was their opportunity to prove their superiority, to commit the perfect crime. For others, it was a chance to show that a stateless society was best, that conforming to a sovereign government twists people into warped tools of the state. Still others simply wanted to dance and drink the summer away in honor of the blessed US of A but knew that they must be ever vigilant against anyone – even friends and loved ones – who might secretly try to undermine democracy and the American way of life. The discovery of three flyers pinned to the billboard outside the dining room on that first morning – one for the American Legion advocating “100% Americanism,” one depicting a simple black flag and the declaration, “Smash the State!” and one with the cryptic, typewritten notice, “You are all beetles on a pin” – made it clear that this was no mere pleasure cruise; this was war.

This is Werewolf XXIX: The Roaring Werewolves

3 Anarchists (Wolves)
2 Übermenschen (Serial Killers, paired)
13 Patriots (Town)

(Notes for newcomers: The Anarchists [Wolves] know who each other are and share a private chat; the Übermenschen [Serial Killers] also know who each other are and share a private chat. The Patriots [Town] do not know who each other are or who the Anarchists and Übermenschen are and can generally only communicate on the open game thread.)

In this game, each player will receive a one-shot power at the beginning of the game. These powers will vary widely in nature and scope, and some will have an expiration date. Some players may receive the same power. Some powers may have unpredictable consequences. If a player is killed before triggering his/her one-shot power, that power will be assigned to another player by the Graveyard (deceased players). Every living player of every faction is eligible to receive an unused one-shot power, and no player may hold more than one one-shot power at a time (players with an unused one-shot power who are assigned a different unused one-shot power will have to choose which to keep).

Please comment here if you’d like to play. New players are not only welcome, but encouraged! If the list fills up, you can sign up as a backup. We invariably need 1-2 or more backups per game, so don’t be deterred.

The game is expected to begin either this Friday (April 21) or Monday (April 24), depending on how quickly people sign up and the group’s preference. The first day will probably be 36 hours, followed by 24-hour days. The game will likely last 4-5 (real life) days.

Role-playing is welcome but not required, although all players should conform to the general setting and time period.


1) subsaharan

2) MacCrocodile

3) Shinichiki

4) Admirax

5) Mello Yello Enthusiast

6) ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts


8) the good king snugglewumps

9) Candide

10) Mirage

11) FJ’s Motorized Hot Tub

12) Otakunomike

13) liz156

14) Tyrone

15) Colonel Mustard

16) Spiny Creature

17) lutair

18) Ol’ Thinks


1) Soft Jazz Walrus

2) Bluelightspecial