Top Television Moments and Weekly TV Discussion Thread

Welcome back(or for the first time) to discuss your favorite moments from tv over the past week. I have lost my nerd cred this week since I have failed to finish the Legion finale before writing this. Not just for my sake, but since people watch tv at their own pace with all the platforms available please use spoiler tags when giving out specific information.

The Americans This season of Americans hasn’t really been moving at breakneck speed, but it’s still been pretty dang solid with it’s slow build. This week earned a spot in my list, not because of some amazing fight or secrets revealed, but because Stan pulled a move that I just didn’t see coming. He’s been rather adamant about his disapproval of the CIA doing whatever it takes to secure Oleg as an informant, despite him removing himself from the game. Stan, who I suspect lives daily with the guilt of Nina’s blood on his hands(at least partially), plays the only card he has: either leave Oleg alone or he goes public about murdering a KGB agent in cold blood. It was a bold move that pays off big in bringing some redemption to a character that wants to be on the side of good, but has compromised himself morally along the way.

Rick and Morty Well, it was about time someone made an April Fools prank that I finally appreciated. Thanks Adult Swim for teasing the new season of Rick and Morty and thanks to beema who made sure I knew it was happening. The whole damn episode was great, but the part that killed me was the standoff between Rick and an alternate Rick holding a gun to Summer’s head. I was already laughing my ass off as Rick tried downplaying Summer’s importance trying to convince her captor to do him a favor by taking him out, so when Morty pulled his weapon ruining the plan and the 2 Rick’s started giving him shit for how dumb he was, I was struggling to breath. I really can’t wait til the rest of the season returns. At least it gives me a reason to look forward to summer.

New Girl What’s better than having a Winston? Having 2 of them. Six seasons in the making and we finally get to learn Schmitt’s first name and it’s not the embarrassment that I was expecting. Instead it was the glorious reveal that he and Winnie the Bish have been sharing the name for years, and that Schmitt had to change it because of all the demeaning and hurtful nicknames people came up with to tell them apart. Man, was that worth the wait.

Bates Motel It was the moment we’ve all been waiting for, Bates Motel has gone full Psycho…with one wonderful twist. Even before I finally saw the movie a couple weeks ago, I was well familiar with the iconic shower scene, I have a hard time imaging anyone over 16 isn’t aware of it. I should have figured the writers would find a way to make that scene fresh, but it hadn’t occurred to me that Marion would be the one to escape(and with all that case that got wasted in the movie) and that her lover would be the one to go under the knife. Setting the scene to Roy Orbison’s “Crying” was just the perfect touch to top off the moment.

It’s difficult for me to chose just one streaming show to talk about because I’ve watched aplenty over the last 7 days. I started Louie, introduce a friend to Bojack, continued my quest to catch up on King of the Hill, checked out and get addicted to Netflix’s new show 13 Reasons Why, all of these would have had some solid choices. But when it comes down to it, the back half of the final season of Angel is just some fine work and makes for an unbelievably solid final run. Even out of those final 10 episodes it’s hard to pick just one top moment, there’s Fred’s transformation and Wesley’s final moments as well as the boldness of the show deciding to go out mid fight. But serious, I don’t think anything trumps seeing Angel as a puppet, especially with his wee little legs and still able to kick Spike’s ass. tmangel

Alright, there’s my favorite of tv of the week, what was yours?