Werewolf 27 Day 5: The Fire

After Audry’s death, the women made another false note for her husband. They went about greeting their families and then turned in for the night. Some of them arose to perform their hobbies.

Outside the DeLonge household, Zelda was working on one of her gadgets. It was one of many lawnmowers she had bought for her husband. This one was on the fritz and with all the neighborhood meetings she’d been attending she hadn’t had time to give it a tune-up. She wiped some oil from her hands on a towel, realized she’d need some pliers to get the obstruction out, and turned toward her tool box. To her surprise, there was someone standing over her toolbox.

“Such primitive devices,” said Sophie Wallace, holding a saw in her hand.

Zelda sensed the danger in someone being in her yard late at night, but did her best to hide her suspicion, “Oh, goodness, Sophie! I didn’t expect a visitor so late.” She moved the screwdriver from her belt, readying it.

“Yes, well I thought I would visit my good friend, Zelda.” The way she pronounced her name was off, Zelda noticed. Sophie hadn’t put so much emphasis on the ‘l’ a month ago.

This must have shown on her face because Sophie lifted the saw and swung at Zelda, hoping to slice her neck. Zelda lifted the palmed driver just in time. The saw clanged against it. Not wasting the opportunity, Zelda pivoted the driver and plunged it into Sophie’s chest. Sophie dropped the saw and stumbled back. The driver fell from the now open wound in her chest.

It was hard to tell in the dim moonlight, but there was something wrong with the viscous liquid seeping out of the wound. It wasn’t blood, but something thicker. It smelled acrid, almost sulfuric. “Oh, this simply won’t do. You’ve made a mess of my shirt and my skin!” Sophie exclaimed, seeming more frustrated than hurt. “Well, I’ll certainly need a new skin after this. Might as well get a meal out of it.”

With this, Sophie reached to the wound and began to pull at it, expanding the hole in her chest. The viscous liquid poured out and formed a thick pile. The smell amplified to a noxious level. Zelda had to hold her breath not to cough. Much like Candy’s face before she exploded into bugs, Sophie’s lost all form and the body she once inhabited became nothing more than an unfilled suit. The dark liquid pile regained some shape, seeming having arms sticking out and something resembling a face.

Zelda was barely able to stand with the terrible smell and awful image of her friend’s form being poured out from the chest. As the form approached her, she grasped at the saw that had fallen and swung it. The saw made contact with the fluid and slowed to a stop near where her chest might be, then the slime moved up the handle of the saw onto Zelda’s hand. It burned. She tried to retract but the fluid held her there, crawling up her arm. She began to scream but only for a moment before the monster’s arm stuffed itself into her mouth. Zelda felt her throat being digested from the inside out and finally, mercifully fell into unconsciousness.

From the large tree, another woman was watching with great interest. She had chosen quite the target tonight. Still, she was set and ready for a fight. As Zelda’s body was being absorbed into the creature’s, the woman crept up. She lifted Audry’s ax — she had “borrowed” it from the meeting center for her nighttime hobby– and chucked it, overhead, toward the creature. It sunk deep into the slime, but had seemingly no effect besides alerting it to her position. This was not her first rodeo, however, and she bolted toward the creature, having thought up a plan.

The creature that used to be Sophie was feeling sluggish. It took a lot of her energy to absorb a body’s nutrients, so she could not react to the ax in time. Still, those kinds of weapons couldn’t hurt her. Metal and wood would dissolve in her flesh as much as flesh and bone. She turned toward her new combatant and saw that she was making a stupid move: running toward her. Sophie slid toward the intruder, ready to meet her fist with her slime, but the woman dashed just out of reach.

The woman lifted something from Zelda’s contraption and kicked it at Sophie. It was some kind of light metallic container filled with liquid. The kick spread the liquid around Sophie’s body. Something about this felt off, but she didn’t know exactly what.

The woman dashed back, fiddling with something. FFFTH went the object and a soft light showed her face which was covered in a kerchief either to stave off the scent or hide her identity or both. The woman tossed the match, watched it land and then began sprinting away. Sophie did not understand exactly what was happening until it was too late. The gasoline from the mower’s tank had caught. There was no time for her to escape it, and even then her trail was catching anyway. The fire made its way to her main body, which caught like dry wood. When it burned away the portion which had absorbed the tank, the bonfire that had become her body exploded with a BOOM.

As the women watched the firetrucks leave in the morning, they consoled poor Mr. Wallace and Mr. DeLonge. The burned up corpses of the women had been identified. The firemen determined that a faulty lawnmower had exploded while the women were working on it. They suspected that Sophie Wallace was at the epicenter of the accident, having only found parts of her skin that could be identified.

disqus_F3dme7ZCKO/Zelda DeLonge is dead. She was the Mechanical Hobbyist (Vanilla Town).

Shipwreck/Sophie Wallace is dead. She was a Strange Visitor.

Shaken, the women met up once more for their neighborhood meeting.

MacCrocodile – Audry MacCree – Friendly blonde who loves suburban living with her nerdy husband. Has a mild fear of plants.
subsaharan – Sally Subero – Weirdly kookie lady who continuously refers to a husband nobody has seen. Makes surprisingly good casseroles.
Shinichiki – Sheila Shetland – Upbeat redhead who is a little too excited about her tiny dog. She claims he is well-trained, but he’s certainly pooped on everyone’s lawn.
liz156 – Edie Yew – Cousin to Maurice Yew, replaced him in the neighborhood meetings as he has been missing.
ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts – Theresa Thereau – A beautiful and intelligent woman whose compliments you often find are back-handed hours later. She did give you some very good advice about keeping a clean house, though.
Guesty_McGuest – Gina Guerra – Short-haired and a bit nosey, this woman claims to work for Avon part time, but you have the sneaking suspicion that she just uses it as an excuse to look into other people’s homes. Still, she’s got excellent taste in makeup. She died and came back using the body of Bannerdina.
Shipwreck – Sophie Wallace – An uptight woman who keeps everything about her house spick and span. She hosts bunko night each week in her house, but her furniture isn’t very comfortable and is covered in plastic.
Otakunomike – Olivia Michaels – A very meek woman, often seen coughing. She seems nice enough, but could probably use more sun. She’s surprisingly good at bunko.
Ynce Iche – Yessa Inca – Clearly the most adept at fashion on the block. She wears excellent sunglasses and amazing skirts. She’s a bit two-faced and the only reason she doesn’t challenge Candy for queen bee is that she is an abysmal cook.
disqus_F3dme7ZCKO – Zelda DeLonge – Always buying the most recent advancements in kitchen and home appliances, she’s a bit of a TV nut. If you need a replacement toaster, she’s got a dozen, each more advanced than the last.
El Marinero – Ella Marinero – A young widower to a wealthy businessman, she lives on her own for now. Word is that she’s recently had eyes for another, slightly older man who also happens to be wealthy.
the good king snugglewumps – Mrs. Van de Snuggle – A new member of the neighborhood, she’s already made an impression with her straightforward attitude and knowledge of ballistic weaponry.

10 5 Standard Homemakers (Vanilla Town)
1 Locksmith Hobbyist (Jailkeeper)
1 Crime Hobbyist (Serial Killer)
1 Archery Hobbyist (1-Shot Vigilante)
1 Medical Hobbyist (Doctor)

1 Radio Hobbyist (Special*)
3 1 Strange Visitor (Special Scum**)

*Radio Hobbyist – This person has the ability to pick up on the chatter between the strange visitors. Every night, they get one single random message from the scum chat, scrambled.

**Scum – Tenuous Alliance – The Strange Visitors choose a person to take away and a person to role-block each night as a group. They have their own private chat room, which will let them discuss strategy. Unfortunately, these visitors are only tenuously aligned. At any point during the day, one of the visitors can break the alliance. This will turn each of them into their own faction, with their own night kill and give each of them a hidden 1-shot power.

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Attack arguments, not people. Feel free to get into character, but votes and game-based decisions don’t necessarily have to be thoroughly character-based. Remember, this is a game. Have fun with it!

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