Werewolf XXV: The Word for World is Werewolf – Day One

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Even in the most turbulent times, the town of Avocat, Louisiana, has enjoyed peace and prosperity since its founding in 1828. Local legend has it that the town is protected by guardian wolves who take the form of humans and live among them, but hardly anyone even remembers, much less believes, those legends anymore. Instead, they prefer the sermons of Father Ethan, who assures them that they are blessed because they are such righteous and God-fearing folk.

Now, however, evil has awoken in Avocat. First, local fishermen discover the dismembered body of a teenage girl scattered in the shallow waters of the swamp. Then Sheriff Broussard is found hacked to pieces on his own fan boat, his head jauntily perched on the captain’s chair, hat still on.

Frightened and desperate for answers, and with no sheriff to stop them, the townspeople swiftly turn to violence. Deciding that a local recluse is to blame for these murders, they drag the old man onto the steps of the church and execute him even as he protests his innocence and begs for his life. The townspeople watch in awe and terror as a wolf-shaped vapor arises from the crumpled corpse before disappearing in the wind. Father Ethan shouts that demons have possessed the wicked in Avocat, and the town must purge this evil to save not just their lives, but their very souls. The townspeople roar their approval as one frenzied voice and begin to hunt.

In their midst, the true killer watches and smiles, while the wolves mourn.



Wolves (3)
The Wolves watched in helpless horror as one of their own was slaughtered by the very townspeople they, like their ancestors before them, have quietly protected all their lives. There are few Wolves left in the world. They must protect themselves now.

Soldier (Vanilla Wolf)

Shaman (Wolf Roleblocker): The Shaman can choose to send out their wolf spirit to block one other player’s night action but does not know if the wolf spirit was successful or not.

Alpha (Wolf One-Shot Recruiter): If the Alpha dies, the Alpha’s successor (Recruit) is inhabited by the Alpha’s wolf spirit. Any other player can be named Recruit.

Recruit (Vanilla Wolf): If the Alpha dies, the Recruit joins the Wolves. However, an Alpha spirit takes time to mature, so the Recruit has no special powers (unless the Psychopath).

Wolf Win Condition: Stay alive until the Wolves (plus the Sympathizer if still in play) have guaranteed victory.

Town (11)

Vanilla Town QT instructions:

“You have blood on your hands, and there’s no turning back now. Whatever doubts whisper in your heart when you’re alone disappear in the vicious exhilaration of the mob. You’re going to take Avocat back, and if a few innocents die along the way, well, surely they will receive their reward in Heaven. You just hope the Town’s eye doesn’t turn to you.

You are a member of the Town Council (Vanilla Town). Your only power is the power of deduction, and your vote.”

Town Council Members (Vanilla Town)

Zealot (Town Cop): The Zealot is a true believer who has always known it is their duty to call the wicked to account. Long accustomed to spying on fellow townspeople to catch them in sin, the Zealot can investigate one person each night to determine if that person is [wicked] (wolf) or [righteous] (human). Because the Zealot is blind to the true evil in the town, the Psychopath will be found [righteous]. Under certain conditions, the Shaman will also be found [righteous].

Conspiracy Theorist (Town Jailkeep): Each night, the Conspiracy Theorist gets drunk and corners some hapless fellow citizen to rant about the Bobby Kennedy assassination, real-life Face/Off programs, and what they’re really putting in our drinking water. The person so cornered can’t get away for any nighttime plans but also can’t be killed.

Open Carry Enthusiast (One-Shot Vigilante): The Open Carry Enthusiast is particularly excited that vigilante justice has come to Avocat, as now they have an actual reason to brandish their guns around town. The Open Carry Enthusiast is likely to get carried away and shoot someone one night. After that, the townspeople will have to confiscate their guns.

Town Win Condition: Kill all the Wolves and the Serial Killer with at least one Townsperson still alive (or when that outcome becomes inevitable).

The Sympathizer (1)

Sympathizer: The Sympathizer identifies with the Wolves and wants them to survive, though they dare not speak openly about it, nor do they know who the Wolves are. The Sympathizer has an amulet, a family heirloom that is rumored to have a special power.

Sympathizer Win Condition: The Sympathizer wins if still alive for a Wolf victory. (The Wolves can win without the Sympathizer, but the Sympathizer can only win if the Wolves do.)

The Psychopath

Psychopath (Serial Killer): The Psychopath has newly discovered their taste for murder. After killing two people and seeing the havoc they’ve unleashed, they have no plans to stop killing until they’re dead or everyone else is. Now they have the perfect cover. The Psychopath can murder one person per night. The Psychopath only cares for carnage and chaos; if the Psychopath becomes a Wolf, their agenda remains unchanged.

Psychopath Win Condition: Be the last one standing, even if recruited as a Wolf.


You vote by replying to the very first comment, appropriately titled VOTE THREAD. It is easy to find if you sort comments by oldest. To change your vote, simply post another reply. DO NOT EDIT ANY VOTE. Only votes posted as a reply to the official VOTE THREAD will count.

Please make at least 3 posts per game-day, or you will be replaced.

DO NOT EDIT POSTS even if you made a grammatical error that is haunting you. Rather, read through and think carefully about your comment before posting it. Editing a post may get you mod-killed, and that would be sad.

Day One will last 36 hours. After that, days will last 24 hours unless a majority vote is reached before that. A typical night will end after 12 hours. Day/Night lengths may be adjusted if necessary.

If you have questions that may reveal sensitive information, you can ask them in your personal QT.

Attack arguments, not people. Everyone has a different playing style. Be accommodating to them. Role playing is welcome but not required.


1) Emperor Snapper
2) MacCrocodile
3) Flaxon Jackson
4) ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts
5) Candide
6) Mello Yello Enthusiast
7) Shinichiki
8) Creeper
9) the good king snugglewumps
10) Bluelightspecial
11) Shipwreck
12) Flubbo Gabbo
13) Holly Jolly Allison
15) Bobbie Draper 🚀
16) Subsaharan


8 Town Council members (Vanilla Town)
1 Conspiracy Theorist (Town Jailkeep)
1 Zealot (Town Cop)
1 Open Carry Enthusiast (Town One-Shot Vigilante)
1 Soldier Wolf (Vanilla Wolf)
1 Alpha Wolf (Wolf One-Shot Recruiter) / 1 Recruit (Vanilla Wolf), if activated
1 Shaman Wolf (Wolf Role-Blocker)
1 Psychopath (Serial Killer)
1 Sympathizer

Day One ends at 1:30am EST on Sunday, February 12, or if a majority lynch vote is reached first.

Countdown to End of Day One