Werewolf XXV Signups: The Word for World is Werewolf

Even in the most turbulent times, the town of Avocat, Louisiana, has enjoyed peace and prosperity since its founding in 1828. Local legend has it that the town is protected by guardian wolves who take the form of humans and live among them, but hardly anyone even remembers, much less believes, those legends anymore. Instead, they prefer the sermons of Father Ethan, who assures them that they are blessed because they are such righteous and God-fearing folk.

Now, however, evil has awoken in Avocat. First, local fishermen discover the dismembered body of a teenage girl scattered in the shallow waters of the swamp. Then Sheriff Broussard is found hacked to pieces on his own fan boat, his head jauntily perched on the captain’s chair, hat still on.

Frightened and desperate for answers, and with no sheriff to stop them, the townspeople swiftly turn to violence. Deciding that a local recluse is to blame for these murders, they drag the old man onto the steps of the church and execute him even as he protests his innocence and begs for his life. The townspeople watch in awe and terror as a wolf-shaped vapor arises from the crumpled corpse before disappearing in the wind. Father Ethan shouts that demons have possessed the wicked in Avocat, and the town must purge this evil to save not just their lives, but their very souls. The townspeople roar their approval as one frenzied voice and begin to hunt.

Meanwhile, the true killer watches and smiles, while the wolves mourn.

This is Werewolf XXV: The Word for World is Werewolf.


3 Wolves (including a role-blocker and a one-shot recruiter)
11 Town (including a jailer, a cop, and a one-shot vigilante)
1 Psychopath (serial killer)
1 Sympathizer (specialized role)

This will be a fairly conventional Werewolf game, with a few tweaks to the setup, and maybe a few surprises, but nothing too mind-bending. As such, it’s a good game for new players to jump into the mix, while still hopefully being of interest to veteran players. Please comment here if you’d like to play. If the list fills up, you can sign up as a backup. We invariably need 2-3 backups per game, so don’t be deterred.

The game is expected to begin either this Friday (Feb. 10) or next Friday (Feb. 17), depending on how quickly people sign up and the group’s preference. The first day will probably be 36 hours, followed by 24-hour days. The game will likely last 4-5 (real life) days.

Role-playing is welcome but not required.


1) Emperor Snapper

2) MacCrocodile

3) Flaxon Jackson

4) ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts

5) Candide

6) Mello Yello Enthusiast

7) Shinichiki

8) Creeper

9) the good king snugglewumps

10) Bluelightspecial

11) Shipwreck

12) Flubbo Gabbo

13) Holly Jolly Allison


15) Bobbie Draper 🚀

16) Subsaharan


1) Zecko

2) lutair

3) El Marinero