The Resistance : Alpha Team : Mission One



Game Explanation 
Resistance vs. Government Spies
You are members of the Resistance whose goal is to overthrow a futuristic fascist government. You have, however, just received word that your organization has been infiltrated by government spies, who will attempt to sabotage you from within. You were not given names, only numbers. Of the ten members of the resistance, four are Government Spies. These Spies know the other Spies’ identities, but cannot communicate with each other outside this thread (i.e. no scum QT). The remaining six of you are true members of the Resistance.

The Resistance is tasked with undertaking missions in an attempt to overthrow the government. The Spies are here to make sure that those missions fail. The Resistance wins the game if three missions are completed successfully. The Spies win if three missions fail. A maximum of five missions can be run in a single game.

Leaders and Mission Teams
At the start of the game, a player will be randomly selected to be Team Leader. It is the responsibility of the Team Leader to select a team to undertake the day’s mission (Team Leader may include themselves on their team). Once the team has been selected, the rest of the group will vote on whether to approve or reject the selected team. The team is approved if the majority of votes are to approve the team. The team is rejected if the majority of votes are to reject the team. A tie is considered a rejection.

Sort comments by oldest to find the vote thread. Reply directly to the first post in the thread with “approved” or “rejected” to cast your vote. Once your vote is cast, you may not change it, so consider your options carefully before making a decision.

Team Rejection
If the selected team is rejected, the next player down on the roster list will be selected as the new Team Leader, and will select a new team, which will again be voted on. If three separate teams are rejected in a round, the mission will be considered failed.

Day Timer
Each round, or day, will last a maximum of 24 hours. If the clock runs out and a team has not received a majority vote on whether to approve or reject a team, the team will be approved or rejected based on the majority of votes received at the end of the day. If the team is rejected, the mission will be considered failed. Note : The 24 hour day may be extended if I deem it necessary.

Once a team has been approved, gameplay will proceed to the mission phase. Each team member must decide whether to Support or to Sabotage the mission. Their decision will be submitted to myself in their private QT. The number of votes to support or sabotage the mission will be submitted to the group afterwards, though it will not be disclosed who cast which vote. The mission is successful if all team members unanimously vote to support it. For missions one through three, the mission fails if one or more team members vote to sabotage it. The fourth and fifth missions require at least two sabotage votes.
Note : True Resistance operatives MUST vote to support a mission. Government spies have the choice to support or sabotage the mission.

Upon completion of each mission, the next player in the roster list is selected as Team Leader for the next day. After day one, team leaders are to submit their mission teams via their QT for the next day for the sake of expediency.

Mission 1 : Requires 3 mission team members
Mission 2 : Requires 4 mission team members
Mission 3 : Requires 4 mission team members
Mission 4: Requires 5 mission team members, requires two sabotage votes to fail
Mission 5 : Requires 5 mission team members, requires two sabotage votes to fail

1. Science is Bad
2. Flubbo Gabbo
3. Zecko
4. Dog, Chihuahua, Adorable
5. Liz156
6. The good king snugglewumps
7. Creeper
8. Shipwreck
9. Mello Yello
10. Subsaharan

Player Rules 
Role playing is welcome but not required.

Please make at least three posts per day. If there’s a possibility that you could be selected as team leader during the day, please make an effort to check in a little more frequently so that game play is not held up.


Do not directly quote / copy and paste / screen shot from your QT.

The deadline for day’s end is Monday, February 6th at 6:00 PM EST or if a majority team approval is reached first.

Countdown :…