Werewolves XXIV: Litigation (3rd Session)

If you’d like to comment on the game, make a request here and I’ll give you a link to the graveyard QT.

Need I remind you all, ladies and gentleman, of why we are gathered here? We’re here to get justice for the late reporter/recreational seaman Shipwreck – a drunken louse in his later years but a damned good journalist in his prime. Do your job and get a conviction, dammit! If you won’t do it for Shipwreck, perhaps you’d do it for the dearly departed forget_it_jake. She was on her way to read to kids at an orphanage when her car went up in flames. IN FLAMES! When will you all get off your asses and bring the cabal to justice?

Shinichiki was found not guilty.
No one died


At the end of each day phase, the player with the most votes is named the Defendant for the night phase following immediately. If there’s a tie, the tied player who reached the most number of votes first is selected.

You vote by replying to the very first comment which I have titled VOTE THREAD. It is easy to find if you sort comments to oldest. To change you vote, simply post another reply. DO NOT EDIT YOUR INITIAL VOTE.

The default vanilla QT looks like this:

You are but a mere Cog in the wheel of time (Vanilla Townie). Unwitting and Unknowing. No matter your profession.


– You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.


– You have no abilities save for inclusion in the jury pool but I hear they give those away to pretty much anyone these days.
– Your strength is your vote and your intellect. You must use it to decide alongside everyone else during each day phase on the player to be put on trial and be named the Defendant for the night.


Please make at least 3 posts per game-day (36 hours) or you will be replaced.

Rather, read through and think very well about your comment before posting it. Editing a post may get you modkilled and end up hurting your team and the game overall.

A typical day will end after 24 hours unless a majority vote is reached before that. A typical night will end after 12 hours unless all night actions are received before that.

Please ask me any questions you may have in your personal QT. Also, never quote directly from your QT. It is however perfectly alright to quote stuff from this thread in your QT.

Attack arguments, not people. Everyone has a different play-style. Be accommodating to them.


1) Flaxon Jackson
3) FlubDub Gunterpake
4) Mello Yello Enthusiast
5) El Marinero
6) MacCrocodile
7) Lutair
8) Mirage
9) Aomorian
10) Otakunomike
11) Shinichiki
12) Creeper
13) forget_it_jake – killed night one. Cog and night one juror
14) Candide
15) Kolya
16) Zecko


Jurors – 3
Assistant DA (Town Cop) – 1
State’s Witness (Town Voyeur) – 1
Pardoner (Town Doctor) – 1
Reckless Vigilante (Serial Killer) – 1
Countersurveillance Expert (Scum Roleblocker) – 1
Fixer (Scum 2-shot Recruiter and Framer) – 1
Financier (Scum Godfather) – 1

1st Session

2nd Session

3rd session ends at 6:30PM CT Sunday or if a majority vote is reached first.

Countdown to End of 3rd Session