Werewolves XXIII: The Name of the Avocado – Day Two

Day One – Part I
Day One – Part II

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The day’s proceedings had left everyone with a sour pit in their stomachs. They had all seen animals slaughtered–most of them had even participated–but never a man. And the clarity and dignity with which Candide had accepted his fate made it somehow even worse.

“Well, it looks like we cocked it up,” said Mellotelli finally, breaking the silence in the worst possible way.

Cardinal BannerThief felt the bile rise in his throat. He clapped a hand over his mouth and fled from the room.

“Cardinal!” Sister Shiparella called after him, “Are you unwell?”

Sister Brittiana held her close, “Let him go, child. He wants to be alone.”

The Cardinal stumbled down the hallway and crashed into his cell. Slamming the door behind him, he began to sob. He crossed himself frantically and launched into as many repetitions of the Ave Maria as he could get out before his internal organs clenched violently in unison.

In the morning, the Cardinal was missing from Lauds, just as the Abbot had been the day before. Dread quietly spread through the assembly, and after their prayers, they reconvened at his cell door.

Gregorio timidly approached the door and stepped inside, “Buongiorno, cardinale. Sei sveglio?

BannerThief has died. He was one of the Faithful (vanilla town).

From down the hall, they heard a horrifying scream. They turned to see the vintner, Lorenzo Lombardi, at the door to Brother Bear’s cell, collapsing to the floor in hysterics. Inside, the young gardener’s body lay, a dagger plunged into his neck.

Sister Giacoma went to help Lorenzo to his feet and console him, but he abruptly brushed her off. “Thank you, sister, but I’m fne,” he said in an affectless monotone, “I just need some air.” Lorenzo climbed to the highest point of the abbey, amid the bells in the tower. He gazed out on the mountain vista, and calmly let go.

Tyrone and Zecko have died. They were Lovers (town).

Shinichiki – Giuseppe Bianchi Bonitus Celestino Marucelli Bananafana d’Cinicicchi or“Cicchi” for short
subsaharan – Jude Law. Claims to be the next pope
InnDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED – Gregorio Deeeeeeeeedidici. Speaks with an exaggerated accent.
Flubdub Gunterpake – Brother Claude Flubdub. Keeps to his studies in the library, might not know what year it is.
Flaxon Jackson – Sor Flaxon. Tough-as-nails nun visiting from Sacra della Nave della Madonna.
Crobuzon – Possible flying nun.
forget_it_jake – Giacoma. A young novice of Sacra della Nave della Madonna
Otakunomike – Giuseppe Croce. Priest from Palermo in the Kingdom of Sicily.
liz156@friendface – Elisabetta or “Liz”. Villager from the village below.
Mello Yello Enthusiast – Clarence Wendall Mellotelli. Wandering drunkard.
BrittaBot – Sister Brittiana. An elderly nun from Sacra della Nave della Madonna.
the good king snugglewumps – Lisabetta. Tender-eared servant of the abbey.
lutair – Ludovico Wolfwood. A travelling priest with a habit of chewing on lit incense.
Shipwreck – Sister Shiparella. A fresh faced pious young nun.
Mirage – Friar Miragio Leopoldio Salvatorio Morriconio. Hysterical. Believes all woes are the works of demons.
Creeper – Batmonk. Bat monk.


Candide – Candide. Left with the lost abbot as a baby, grew up in the abbey. Lynched Day 1
BannerThief– Cardinale BannerThief. Reformed criminal, now a cardinal. Killed Night 1
Tyrone – Brother Bear. Spent his days working in the gardens. Killed Night 1
disqus_F3dme7ZCKO – Lorenzo Lombardi. Vinter of the abbey. Killed self night 1

The days here last approximately 36 hours, ending around 7pm Pacific time.
Countdown to Vespers.

To vote, please reply directly to the Votes comment (sort by oldest). You may also withdraw a vote, or vote not to lynch anybody. With 16 living, it takes 9 to auto-lynch and end the day early. No Lynch requires 9 votes. A tie will result in No Lynch.