Werewolf XXII – The Magician (Signups)

Werewolf game hosted by Tyrone

New Players: The game at its core is split up into 2 teams. Town and werewolves. Town doesn’t know who each other are and need to find out while killing the wolves killing them off. Wolves try and trick you into voting for your fellow town as they know who each other are. It’s a game of survival and debate, where your beliefs can make you suspicious or help lead you to victory.

This is a relatively simple setup. There’s one cop for town and one roleblocker for the wolfs. However, there’s a special 3rd party role: The Magician. This player has the power to conjure up special powers and give them to players of their choice. They do not have a side and will win with whatever team is standing at the end. They can play for any team, though they do not know who the teams are and will have to guess. They cannot be killed at night, but can be lynched. If they are lynched, they can choose one player to take over as The Magician. However, this person can die at night and has to be the last one standing. This means they cannot win with either team and the game will continue even if all of town or all of mafia are killed.

Days are 36 hours and nights are 12 unless a majority is reached in votes or all night actions have been submitted and finalized.


1. MacCrocodile
2. Flaxon Jackson
3. El Marinero
4. Onanymous
5. Otakunomike
6. Shinichiki
7. Harvey Dent
8. Subsaharan
9. Squanchy
10. lutair
11. Noun the Adjective Verb
12. Disqus fed by Zecko
13. Liz
14. Forget it Jake