AVCAD Fantasy Football Week 10 results

This is a funny picture but it’s gonna take a while for people to get it, I think.


Some crazy high scoring this week, all around. With the trade window closed and the bye weeks ending, it’s gonna be fast and furious for playoff spots.

Loser of biggest blowout rallies spirits by composing lyrics to Hail to the Chief
That’s you, Enterwittyremarkhere.

Lowest total score this week will motivate us with a motivational style
poster featuring them, their pet, their laptop, something personal.
Inspire us!

You’ve got double duty, Enterwittyremarkhere.


Week 11 punishments

Lowest QB Performance: The return of AVCAD FF Undercover
Lowest QB performance sings a song at least tangentially related to quarterbacks as chosen by highest QB performer.

My recommendation? http://www.metrolyrics.com/…

Sine yo pitty on the runny kine
Lowest total points score has avatar changed to a Pootie Tang character for a week. Dirty D, the belt, your call.
No real reason here, I just watched the movie again.

Have a good week 11 but score less points than me.