Werewolf 21 Day 1: Death of the Protag

Muimina High School was just your average run-of-the-mill high school. It had its weirdos, nerds, jocks, et cetera, but nothing too bizarre. That is, until demons attacked. A portal to the Seven Hells opened up in the boys locker room one fateful winter. A group of students and staff members fought these demons off over a season and now they must make up the time missed in their after school “Demonslayer Club”. It sounded pretty cool on the outside, but it mostly involved studying for finals and making up for lost class time.

Things went back to normal until one day, Eiyuu Ichiban, the kid with the most power and coolest hair, was found strangled to death. The club president called an emergency meeting, revealing to them all that in Ichiban’s notes, he had found that there were three demons possessing school members. He also had some more notes scribbled. After some reading, the club confirmed that there were the following special students among them: 3 Demons, one of which was an Ice Demon, 1 Esper, 1 Healer, 1 Time Wizard, As well as “two unknown powers, perhaps demonic, perhaps not”. The group decided that they must find and kill these demons before they find another way to open the HellGate and start another apocalypse.

1. Milkproof Robot – Miruku Yoshida. Cyborg Third Year. Technique: Overwhelming Strength/Speed
2. forget_it_jake – Jake Forge. Aristocrat Second Year. Technique: Elemental Magic
3. Flaxon Jackson – Fura Kuson. Band nerd Second Year. Technique: TechnoMagic
4. Bitchy Nosilla – Nosu Okami. Fox Goddess First Year. Technique: Spiritual Magic
5. Otakunomike – Miike Sagara. Military Second Year. Technique: Assault Combat
6. Mello Yello Enthusiast – Mero Genki. Troublemaker Third Year. Technique: Street Combat
7. the good king snugglewumps – Sunagu Hayashimizu. Student Council President Third Year. Technique: Superior Tactics
8. Shipwreck – Shippu Genki. Gadget Whiz Kid First Year. Technique: Power Gauntlet
9. Subsaharan – Sahara Gai. TA/JV Coach. Technique: Powerful Thighs
10. Felixir – J.D. Felix. Outcast Third Year. Technique: Improvised Explosions
11. MacCrocodile – Makku Kuro. School Nurse. Technique: Holy Magic.
12. disqus_F3dme7ZCKO – Billy Zekko. Power Rogue Second Year. Technique: High Kicks/Giant Robots
13. Shinichiki – Regina Shini. Queen Bee Third Year. Technique: Lower-level Demon Control
14. InnDEEEEEEEEEEEEEED – Indy Bender. Third Year Detention Lover. Technique: Street Fighting/Friendship
15. El Marinero – Kei Marinero. Second Year Photographer/Supplement Enthusiast. Technique: Enhanced Supplements

1 Ice Demon
2 Demons*
1 Esper
1 Healer
1 Time Wizard
9 School Members*
*2 Vanilla roles are actually Hidden Roles.

Demons: Scum. Kill one person as a group each night.
Ice Demon: Scum Roleblocker. Chooses to block one person each night. That person cannot use night abilities.
Esper: Town. Able to recruit new people into a private (telepathic) chat.
Healer: Town. Chooses to protect one person each night. This person cannot be night killed. They cannot protect themself.
Time Wizard: Town. Jailkeeper. Chooses to roleblock and protect one person per night.
Unknown roles: There are two powers which are yet unknown to everyone but these people. They could be scum or they could be town, but for balance, nobody has 2 roles.

Remember NO EDITING POSTS. If you edit a post, you will likely be modkilled, which is bad for your entire team.
Attack arguments, not people. Feel free to get into character, but votes and game-based decisions don’t necessarily have to be thoroughly character-based. Remember, this is a game. Have fun with it!

The day ends when there is a majority of votes or on Thurs at 6PM PST. Countdown Timer.