Online D&D Anyone?

Ok so, I floated this idea in the LN thread and it seemed to gain some traction. Here’s what I am thinking

Online D&D via Tabletop Simulator
(It’s on sale on the Humble store for $9.99 RIGHT NOW!)…

We play over Skype. I can record it and we can publish it here, if we want. If not, no big deal.

Here’s where it gets complicated.

1 – I know nothing about D&D besides playing the board games (Castle Ravenloft) so we would need someone to be DM.

2 – I know nothing about Tabletop Simulator. But I feel like I could learn this pretty easily and work with the DM to create something he or she can work with. But if someone wanted to take the lead on “Set designer”, feel free.

We can work out stuff like scheduling, time limits, games we wanna play, things like that.

Also note that there are a TON of board games for Tabletop Simulator, including stuff like Carcassone, Zombicide, and a ton of others.

So, what say ye, denizens of the Emerald Avocado demesne? Will ye lend me thy swords?