AVCAD Fantasy Football Week 8 Results

Hey, there’s a game on right now!


Last week’s Decrees

Loser of the biggest blowout creates a creepypasta level story for us to enjoy.


You are up, Bluelight!

Lowest points total has a signature for the week as created by the highest points scorer.
Ol’ Dirty Beckhams, render unto the Mexi-Mart Rams that which is his.


Commish corner

All Saints Day
Loser of the biggest blowout changes his/her avatar to the favorite Saint of the winner. Peter, Patrick, Drew Brees, Anger, Boondock. You figure something out.

The Best Offense is a Shitty Defense 
Lowest scoring DEF for the week has to tell at least 5 Truly Tasteless Jokes in the Open Thread of their choosing.

Good luck to no one this week!