AVCAD Fantasy Football: Week 3 Results

Come on, even you Giants fans knew that was gonna be the header gif.


Biggest beatdown in Fantasy Football history
Team Glorious finally lives up to his potential in an absolute demolition of Enterwittyremarkhere.


The Connor Barthathon – Lowest total kicker score changes avatar to a Barf from Spaceballs avatar of their choosing for a week. 
Viva El Ron Mexico with an anemic 4 from Chris Boswell.


It’s Good to Be the King
Highest point total for this week changes the team name of any other team in the league for one week.

Fighting Mongooses (Mongeese?) you can change any name in the league to one of your choosing.

Week 4 Stakes

AVCAD Undercover
– It’s Undercover time again! Lowest overall score covers a song of the highest overall score’s choosing.

– In honor of OBJ tilting at kicking nets, loser of the biggest blowout writes a 200 word post describing how they would quit their current job in as graphic detail as possible. Bonus points for illustrations. If unemployed, how you would quit your last job.

Week 4 matchups