WOLF COPS 2 – The Wolfening (Signups)

Avocado Town had been without a functioning police department for almost a year. All remaining officers on the force had to be summarily fired and presented with the opportunity to apply for their jobs back. The Mare had to bring in a new police chief and she was determined to reform the precinct from the ground up. Unfortunately, she had to hire from a pool of citizens of the Avocado – a cesspool of crime and skulldoggery. There’s no telling what manner of degenerates, loose-cannons and straight-up werewolves managed to slip through the not-at-all air-tight screening process – those clowns in city hall refused again to allocate the money needed to make sure only quality officers were hired. Already, rumors abound of rampart corruption within the ranks and the new police chief wants answers.

This is Werewolf XX: Wolf Cops 2 – The Wolfening!

(Thanks to Zecko for the name)

This is a semi-custom setup and there’s potential for shifting alliances and for betrayal. More elaboration will come but for now, it’s vanilla cops vs wolf cops and a few special roles and surprises along the way.

Stuff that newbies might need to know…

The game at its core is split up into 2 teams. Town (vanilla cops) and werewolves (wolf cops). Town doesn’t know who each other are and need to find out while killing the wolves killing them off (or recruiting them). Wolves try and trick you into voting for your fellow town as they know who each other are. It’s a game of survival and debate at its core, where your beliefs can make you suspicious or help lead you to victory.

Player list:

1) Mello
2) Flaxon
3) Milkproof
4) Felixir
5) Creeper
6) liz156
7) Kolya
8) snuggles
9) MacCrocodile
10) Shinichiki
11) Admirax
12) forget_it_jake
13) Shipwreck
14) El marinero
15) Icarus
16) Nosilla
17) Guesty McGuest
19) Zecko