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AVCAD Fantasy Football Week 2 Results

NFL QB Cam Newton cannot wait for this presser to end to get to his barbershop quartet practice.


Matchup of the Week that Wasn’t Juwanna Manning versus Team GLORIOUS had all the makings of a shootout. One team just brought water guns.


What a load of wasted points! Matchup of the week

Pecans Sandies hang 111, which is the third highest score of the week. Too bad McAdoo About Nothing checked in with a league high 115burger.


This week’s penalties

First, waiting to hear that 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Track from Snapper.

Week 2 Penalties

Lowest total points has a signature assigned to them by highest total points 
McAdoo about Nothing, let’s see a good signature for Useless Dogshit to use throughout the fantasy week (until Tuesday)

Biggest blowout – Loser in biggest blowout will compose the worst “For Your Consideration” style thinkpiece they can come up with. 200 word minimum.
Looking forward to Useless Dogshit’s best Nabin impersonation.

Week 3 Penalties
Gonna mix things up a little here to stop picking on that poor pile of poop. I am on a Mel Brooks theme so here you go:

The Connor Barthathon – Lowest total kicker score changes avatar to a Barf from Spaceballs avatar of their choosing for a week.


It’s Good to Be the King
Highest point total for this week changes the team name of any other team in the league for one week.

A reminder on the penalties
As always, any of these side stakes can be avoided through one of these actions:

1 – Popular vote of the league
2 – Appeal to the commish
3 – -3 points for the next game subtracted via commish score change
4 – Sit your kicker for the next game