Werewolf 19 Day 3 – A Sinking Ship

(From End of Day 2:
Sin gives the 15 minute warning again. Marcus-813 counts the votes and looks at Max Wheeler.
“I’m sorry, but it’s you, Max,” he says.
Max looks around, at each of those who voted against him in particular. Maybe trying to make some of them fidget. None of them look away.
“I’ll execute him,” says Sam Witcher, “I’ve always wanted to be an executor.”
Max kneels down, and Sam walks away for a moment and comes back with a fireaxe. “Make sure not to aim too high, the cyberbrain is at the base of the skull,” says Max, finally tearing up. “Goodbye friends. I don’t hate you. Goodbye traitors, I hope you burn for this.”
The ax comes down with a sickening snap as it severs Max’s spinal column. Gh0st promptly gets sick on the floor.
Mach1n4 waits a moment, then reaches into his computer gear. He finds the cord necessary, and passes it to Officer Killinger. “Could you… plug it in?” he asks, plugging the bus port into his computer. Killinger moves around the body tissue and plugs the cord in.
A few minutes pass, as Mach1n4 goes through his memories and files.
“Well. Trox. He’s clean. We’ve killed another innocent.”

Admirax/Max Wheeler is dead. He was a Freedom Fighter [Vanilla Town]

The lights go out as the final proximity alert sounds. Everything goes quiet.)

All is quiet as thoughts race through each of the Resistance fighters’ minds. Who could have betrayed them and killed their friends? Who could they trust? Why was someone trying to blow them all up? What’s in those letters?

The usual silence becomes more and more sinister as the patrols pass above the base. They wait for the sound of an attack. Then, they hear it. A sickening crack is heard, followed by some small metallic objects scattering to the floor. A few minutes pass and a nearly inaudible exclamation is heard. Then, silence returns. The last of the proximity LEDs turns off and the lights come back on.

The body of Mach1n4 lies next to his bunk. His broken laptop next to it. All 104 keys scattered around, some of them embedded into his skull. He was apparently killed by his own laptop.

“Trox,” says Marcus-813, “killed by the thing he loved the most. That’s ironic, right?”

“Probably,” says James Berthaw, “But mostly it’s sad. Let me guess: no thumbs?”

James’s guess is right, as they see Mach1n4’s thumbs have been removed.

Gh0st takes this as an opportunity to go through Mach1n4’s files to see if he was a double agent, using his desktop rather than the now-defunct laptop. After some time looking through, she says “He’s clean.”

Mach1n4/Otakunomike is dead. He was a Freedom Fighter [Vanilla Town].

The group looks around. There are only 10 of them left, but they still have 4 traitors in their midst. Things were looking worse by the minute.

1. Shipwreck – Marcus-813 – Synthetic son of a System aristocrat. Specialty: Insider knowledge.
2. mello yello enthusiast – Jack Freedom – Ex-gangbanger, current robot assassin. Specialty: Synthetic disassembly.
3. Harvey Dent – James Berthaw – Bruiser for hire. Specialty: CQC
4. MacCrocodile – Julia Stiles AKA Gh0st – Child hacker. Specialty: Locating targets.
5. Molly_Grue – Patience Valentino – Cyborg combatant. Specialty: Large arms, deception.
6. the good king snugglewumps – Sally “Slick” Niles – Underground black market merchant and reptile Gmodder. Specialty: Acquisitions.
7. Subsaharan – Baker Johnson – Ex-System mech mechanic. Specialty: Vehicle/Walker modifications.
8. A Winged Potato – Officer Brian Killinger – Police Mole for the Resistance. Specialty: Small arms, espionage.
9. creeper – Sam Witcher – Expert on-the-fly spy with little attachment to reality. Specialty: Espionage, identity theft.
10. Kolya – Selina Jackson – Ex-System surgeon turned Resistance fighter. Specialty: chemical weaponry, medicine.

2 System Agents (Mafia Goons)
1 System NeuroHacker OR Analyst (Mafia Roleblocker OR Stalker)
4 Freedom Fighters (Vanilla Townies)
1 MedTec (Doctor)
1 Chronologist (Jailkeeper)
1 Terrorist (Serial Killer w/ Immunity to Mafia NK OR Immunity to Cop Investigations)

The roles with OR in them indicate that the person assigned that role gets a choice.

Remember NO EDITING POSTS. If you edit a post, you will likely be modkilled, which is bad for your entire team.
Attack arguments, not people. Feel free to get into character, but votes and game-based decisions don’t necessarily have to be thoroughly character-based. Remember, this is a game. Have fun with it!

The day ends when there is a majority of votes or on Tuesday at 8PM PST. Countdown Timer

Letter notice:
Letter decisions are in. Anyone who went after a letter: Check your QT! I may require an action and your decision may have revealed information. For now the lockers remain closed, and the letters’ fates are unknown. The letters will be removed from their lockers at Noon tomorrow. If you have a letter (described in your QT), you can reveal it without reading it [post here], destroy it [post that in QT], or read it, then reveal it [post in QT then here]. If you haven’t posted to destroy the letter or revealed the letter to the group by noon PST on Tuesday, it will be in your bunk when people look for it.

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