Werewolf 19 Day 2 – The Beginning of the End

(From End of Day 1:
As Sin gives the 15 minute warning, the group finishes counting their votes. “Looks like it’s Alphonse,” says Joseph.

Alphonse-293 looks at those who voted against him and sighs, the slight modulation to his voice would allow even a child to recognize him as synthetic, but the emotion behind the sigh expose something innately sympathetic about the robot. “Do what you must,” he replies, kneeling before his companions.

A moment of hesitation passes before Officer Killinger reaches for his gun. “Sorry, kid. We have to be sure.” Killinger’s shot passes through the spinal column of the robot, shutting him down for good. He then extracts the memory chip from the Alphonse’s limp head and hands it to Gh0st. Joseph then makes sure to destroy the thumbs of the dead bot, tossing them in a food processor.

A few minutes pass in silence as Gh0st reads through the files, some other members standing behind her to make sure she’s not lying. “Trox trox TROX!” She ejects the chip and throws it on the ground. “He’s clean.”

Felixir/Alphonse-293 is dead. He was a Freedom Fighter [Vanilla Town]

The lights go out as the final proximity alert sounds. Everything goes quiet.)

A few hours pass in the darkness. Everything is silent, save for the occasional barely-audible whisper. A few of the fighters try to get some shuteye while others move around, trying to stay aware of their surroundings. Suddenly, a brief clatter is heard. A metallic noise and something falls. It sounds suspiciously like a body. As someone whispers “What was that?”, the noise alert LED blips. A cry is stifled and another thump is heard. The group is on edge as they wait for another patrol to pass.

A collective sigh of relief is felt as the last of the proximity alerts turns off and the lights flicker back on. As their eyes adjust to the light, they find what they had feared. Joseph Kanjo’s body lies mangled by the sink. It appears that he was beaten over the head from behind with a fire extinguisher.
“Search him,” says Selina, somberly. As they look through his pockets, one of the fighters finds a broken Analysis Chip.
“He’s clean, besides this,” says Baker. “It looks like he was using it to look for traitors. But…” he says, moving Kanjo’s hands to the view of everyone else, “no thumbs.”

Joseph Kanjo/Roswulf is dead. He was a Resistance Analyst [Town Cop].

As the thought lingers, Slick notices a blood trail by Terra Nightingale’s bunk. The trail leads down a hallway. Inside a closet is the body of Terra, stabbed through the spine.
James sighs and begins searching her. After a minute, he replies “She’s clean except for these,” producing a pair sealed envelope addressed to “Red” and “Blue” both with addresses in the capital. On the “Red” envelope is a sticky note which reads “When I’m dead, mail these to Red and Blue. No need to read them.”
“Thumbs?” asks Selina.
“None,” replies James, showing Terra’s thumbless hands.

Terra Nightingale/Flaxon Jackson is dead. She was a Freedom Fighter [Vanilla Town].

The group looks at each other. Their suspicions have been confirmed and they need to find the traitors or else they’re all dead.

1. Shipwreck – Marcus-813 – Synthetic son of a System aristocrat. Specialty: Insider knowledge.
2. mello yello enthusiast – Jack Freedom – Ex-gangbanger, current robot assassin. Specialty: Synthetic disassembly.
3. Harvey Dent – James Berthaw – Bruiser for hire. Specialty: CQC
4. MacCrocodile – Julia Stiles AKA Gh0st – Child hacker. Specialty: Locating targets.
5. Molly_Grue – Patience Valentino – Cyborg combatant. Specialty: Large arms, deception.
6. the good king snugglewumps – Sally “Slick” Niles – Underground black market merchant and reptile Gmodder. Specialty: Acquisitions.
7. Subsaharan – Baker Johnson – Ex-System mech mechanic. Specialty: Vehicle/Walker modifications.
8. A Winged Potato – Officer Brian Killinger – Police Mole for the Resistance. Specialty: Small arms, espionage.
9. creeper – Sam Witcher – Expert on-the-fly spy with little attachment to reality. Specialty: Espionage, identity theft.
10. Kolya – Selina Jackson – Ex-System surgeon turned Resistance fighter. Specialty: chemical weaponry, medicine.
11. Admirax – Max Wheeler – Ex-System cybernetics expert. Specialty: Cybernetic enhancement, inventions.
12. Otakunomike – Mach1n4 (other aliases unknown). Expert hacker, but extreme agoraphobe. Specialty: Decryption, Security.

2 System Agents (Mafia Goons)
1 System NeuroHacker OR Analyst (Mafia Roleblocker OR Stalker)
6 Freedom Fighters (Vanilla Townies)
1 MedTec (Doctor)
1 Chronologist (Jailkeeper)
1 Terrorist (Serial Killer w/ Immunity to Mafia NK OR Immunity to Cop Investigations)

The roles with OR in them indicate that the person assigned that role gets a choice.

Remember NO EDITING POSTS. If you edit a post, you will likely be modkilled, which is bad for your entire team.
Attack arguments, not people. Feel free to get into character, but votes and game-based decisions don’t necessarily have to be thoroughly character-based. Remember, this is a game. Have fun with it!

The day ends when there is a majority of votes or on Friday at 8PM PST. Countdown Timer(It’s actually 8PM this time, I promise).

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