AVCAD Fantasy League: Week 1


And so it begins. With kickoff only three days away, we begin our inaugural year. How’d your team hold up during preseason? Me, I made 6 roster moves. Think that tells you something.


The only predicted blowout this week is Viva El Ron Mexico over the Mexi-Mart Rams by a whopping 16 points. All the other match-ups looks fairly tight.

And now, to the Commissioner’s Corner

What’s At Stake this Week 
1 – Lowest total points has avatar changed by highest total points. There is a veto option for the league to veto the avatar if it’s something too gross or unacceptable.

2 – Biggest blowout – Loser of biggest blowout performs the first edition of AVCAD Undercover – A Vocaroo recording of a song of the winner’s choosing. Keep it around 2 minutes. No November Rain.

3- Side bets are encouraged. Feel free to make them with anyone – Your head to head match-up, another person, the commish, be creative.

As always, any of these side stakes can be avoided through one of these actions:

1 – Popular vote of the league
2 – Appeal to the commish
3 – -3 points for the next game subtracted via commish score change
4 – Sit your kicker for the next game

Let’s keep it light and fun. But as I’ve said from the get go, stakes are where it’s at.

If you have thoughts or suggestions for week 2’s stakes, let’s hear ’em. Post any side bets here for all to see. Also, encourage you guys and gal to follow this thread so we can hang out in here Thursday and Sunday and keep it going rather than spamming up OTs.

Let’s have a good season and look forward to fair play and fun times for all. With that said: