Always Sunny Podcast Ideas/volunteers

Not being content to devote only half a day on my weekend to podcasting, I’ve been thinking about putting together an Always Sunny podcast. My tentative plans right now are me and two guests. The guests each pick an episode and we watch it ahead of time and discuss it. Not so much for plot, but to really dig deep into why the characters and jokes and whatever else is going on is funny to us. It could be favorite episodes, least favorite episodes, episodes that have a concept you respect, whatever.

So here’s what I need from you guys:

1 – A name worthy of a successor to Project Badass. I am thinking “Ease Up on the Crackers!” but let’s hear some suggestions.

2 – Volunteers for the show. Very tentative right now. Mostly gauging interest. Would probably record on a weekend over Skype. You need a good mic and a quiet space and access to the show, I would assume. Maybe an hour or two of your time. I can handle the editing.

3 – Segment ideas, stuff you’d like to hear us talk about, thoughts in general on the format, Charlie Day’s publicist’s email, you know, that sorta stuff.

So, let’s hear it. Worth doing or should I go suck on some lemons?