Werewolf XVIII: Toga Terror II – Hadrian’s Vengeance (Phase 3 Thread)

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Repost of End of Phase 2:

Hadrian grew impatient with the indecision and inconclusive discussion, finally smashing his fist on the table to get the attention of all the bickering elites surrounding him. It was believed that Sexta Scipio had been behaving quite suspiciously, and at this point he really just needed to throttle something, anything to let out his frustrations. A considerably older woman, she was not in the condition to evade or fight him off in any capacity. Knowing where her oft loudly spoken ideologies lay, he recognized his actions as a major victory for those seeking to bring down Rome’s political new wave, but he had no intention of this death being whatsoever satisfying for these damnable Romans. He seized the woman from her chair, lifted her above him with his mighty arms, and brought her spine down over his knee with a sickening crack, before throwing the limp body onto the tile. He pawed over the body before concluding that she had no ulterior designs.

Hadrian announced that he gave them all permission to sleep in their chairs or on the floor for the time being, that he needed reprieve from this madness.

Sexta Scipio / Milkproof Robot is dead. They were Vanilla Town.

Despite Hadrian’s demand that they remain in the dining chamber, the sparsely scattered servants, those that had yet to retire themselves, allowed their guests/hostages to seek proper bedding in the various rooms throughout the manor. Pledging themselves to each other in an alliance to hopefully survive the night by supporting and protecting each other, Quinta Agrippa agreed to stand guard for Gaia Corvus as she slept in a nearby bedroom. Alas, as Quinta’s gaze weakened from exhaustion and her eyes flickered open and shut, she was abruptly ambushed by a trio of shrouded conspirators, who restrained her, covered her mouth, and strangled the life out of her.

Even more horrifically, on the other side of the door was Gaia, still awake and refraining from intervening so that she could hopefully glean something about the conspirators’ natures. It was a cruel but necessary tactical decision. She noted at least one woman’s voice, and that all three bodies struggled with handling Quinta, suggesting that they were not of especially strong build.

Decimus Marcellus bid farewell to his two compatriots as they snuck away from the site of their crime, and the body left behind. While they sought to rest before Hadrian summoned them all again, he chose to wander the halls in his conspiratorial garb, too anxious to sleep. From behind, he could hear a sudden and slight breeze that caught his attention, yet he failed to turn around at all before a hasta spear was thrust through him from afar and he collapsed. He could hear them stamping down the hall towards him to finish the job. As he painfully let out shuddering breaths and left a trail of leaking blood across the hallway floor, Decimus attempted to crawl away from his singular assailant, but before he could scarcely move at all, the metal heel of their boot sunk into his skull repeatedly, crushing the remaining life out of him with a crunch. The murderer leaned against the wall to catch a breath, gasping from the strain of such effort and force, then swiftly ran off upon hearing rustling from the nearby bedrooms.

Molly Grue / Quinta Agrippa is dead. She was the Guard.

Shipwreck / Decimus Marcellus is dead. He was a Conspirator.

. . .

The two bodies rotting in the hallways were first found by Hadrian’s servants, who collected and cleaned both of them before laying the bodies down in the dining room with the others. Evidence was gathered from Decimus Marcellus’ body that would be presented shortly after Hadrian gathered everyone at dusk.

Everyone else instinctively returned to the dining room shortly after dawn, only to be greeted by a furious Hadrian. He was barely any closer to those he sought to kill most of all, little information of use had been extracted by those already deceased, and worst of all, all those around him had disobeyed and disregarded his commands. He needed to reestablish his authority.

Phase 3 Begins

You may NOT quote anything I say to you in your QT. If you have questions for me regarding the game or your role, please ask me there.

Remember: Attack arguments, not people. This is a game. Have fun, but also respect when someone is playing seriously. Everyone has a different playstyle and you’ll figure out yours along the way.

I will be flexible with regards to your language, its modernity versus RP-appropriateness, as long as everyone remains committed to role-playing and remaining firmly in character throughout. The psychology and motivations of your characters take greater priority over approximation of period language.

Anyone not familiar with the first Toga Terror roleplay and interested in this is encouraged to read all of the pages for it to better familiarize yourself with the characters and narrative. I can provide the links for these.

Player/Attendee List:

1. Lutair / Justice Ruler
2. Roswulf / Marcus Augustus
3. Subsaharan / Hadrian
4. Winged Potato / Titus Andronicus
5. Zecko / Livia
6. Snugglewumps / Lucia Agricola
7. Edgar Allan Hoe / Numeria Aquila
8. Kate V / Gaia Corvus
9. Otakunomike / Livinius
10. El Marinero / Servius Lupus


1 Host/Commuter (Hadrian)
4 Citizens (Vanilla Town)
1 Murderer (SK)
1 One-shot Vigilante
3 Conspirators (Scum)

IMPORTANT: NO EDITING POSTS. If you edit a post you can be killed and damage your team. Think about what you want to say before posting it.

ALSO IMPORTANT: Please make at least 3 posts per (in-game) Day, or you will be replaced.

End of Phase 3 will be 10 PM Central on Wednesday night: