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Survey 2: Bet You Thought Boogaloo

Hey everyone, it’s results time! Again, a reminder that these questions were voted on by you all. Let’s get right to it.

1 – What is your race/ethnicity?


83.6% white. That is pretty dang doodedly white, Avocaderinos!

2 – Do people in your real life know you spend time here?


3 – What percent of the Avocado do you think you’re better than?
I say this with no ego!


There are 23 “Others” which range from “I am better than you, specifically” to “Better than the spambots, at least”

4 – How frequently do you comment?

The walls get interesting.
Don’t know what they’re saying.
Perhaps they’re listening.


5 – How do you pronounce GIF?


6 – What kind of media do you most frequently discuss?


The Others are almost all write ins of specific topic threads like Politics, Women’s, Dating etc.

7 – What is your upvote policy?


If this is true, I should have a lot more upvotes…

8 – Short Essay Time! What type of comment or topic is most likely to get you to respond? Whether by upvote or comment. Are you looking for witty cultural commentary? Political discussion? Hot sleffos…

No graph for this one, going to just post a few responses:

I like talking about music people are listening to. Current events stuff is interesting too. Not really politics, but just stuff that’s happening in the world. I like personal stories as well.

Well written and witty on any topic. Other than that, anything specific to my interests, which include TV, politics, sports, and my own attempts to build a creative body of work.

I find I reply to comments that I have a connection to. Like if I was having an IRL conversation, I’d speak what I’m replying. For the most part. Sometimes its just random SHOUTING BECAUSE I’M NOT OVERREACTING YOUR OVERREACTING! Or gifs, gifs are good. I rarely comment on political stuff, it tends to be US based and I have little to no interest in that. Or sports that aren’t cycling/Olympics. So mostly pop culture stuff. (wow, that was a ramble)

Anything about music or TV. The women’s thread, sex advice thread, and politics thread are all great. Open threads can get a bit overwhelming so I usually lurk more than I post. The OT threads get a bit incestuous, with the same 40 or so users all making inside jokes and Photoshopping avatar pics in the header image. But overall, there’s at least a handful of interesting, personal and/or funny topics to read/engage in.

Things that get me to respond: funny comments; well-reasoned discussion of social, political, or economic issues; in-depth analysis of creative works that I have experienced; random shitposts. Things that won’t get me to respond: sleffos; whining about stupid nonsense.

This has been a big week / month with the political threads. I have found myself upvoting comments and opinions that I may not agree with, but that are witty and smart, and / or make me think about my own opinion.This being the AVACAD, I also tend to upvote the people who share their neurosis, and I have personally bluntly requested people to write nice things about me, and so have we all.There’s not much I DON’T like – but being a person who is not into video games or horror movies it can be trying at times.

I like random one off threads about whatever pop culture topics people think of. The ones that are more or less our version of AVQ&A or recommendation threads. I seem to comment in those threads most often. I like current event threads when big stuff happens. I like reading political threads, but don’t often comment in them. And I really like the Sunday night food thread.

Funny and/or well written comments not about sports or politics. I generally prefer pop culture commentary over “I” and “me” comments. Also, cute animals pics or clever gifs almost always get an upvote from me.


9 –
Have you ever said “make love” or any variant thereof without bursting into laughter?


The 14 Other answers are basically other terrible slang for sex. Make with the bump bump, really?

10 – Buttstuff y/n?


N. The Other answers are qualifiers. As in, yes but with who or under what conditions.

11 –
Pick one thing you would eliminate from AVCAD


A sampling of the Others

People who complain about politics in the OT. Just collapse the thread. And people who go into the politics threads to complain that we shouldn’t have politics threads. FFS.

People threatening to leave

Complaints about the content of posts (sleffos in the day thread is FINE, people)

header posts that include avatars. As much as people make an effort to include everyone they can still be a little clique-ee. And yes, I know how pissy this sounds complaining about a goddamn header image.

Disqus’s glitches that start cropping up when a thread is sufficiently long.

Dramatic departures over perceived slights or dumb misunderstandings.

People always apologizing for thinking they’ve accidently annoyed everyone else or someone overstepped some boundaries. Seriously, a-holes who do that never apologize, so if you’re considering apologizing, you’re not an a-hole.

Post-drama talk about drama I never saw like I should be expected to know what happened

12 – Once and for all: Ultimate favorite TV show, Must choose just one

The Simpsons – 17
The Wire – 9
Deadwood – 7
Mad Men – 7
Arrested Development – 5
Breaking Bad – 5
Buffy – 5
Futurama – 4
Gilmore Girls – 3

13 – How turnt are you right now?

See the answer to question 1.

Reason has prevailed!