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Read the latest edition of The Hollywolf Reporter:

Greetings to all the gossip gobbling glamorous glitterati and golden boys and glitzy girls. Your tale telling Tinseltown Tattler is ready with some juicy details from all the Hollywood backlots. Remember, rumors run rampant so read responsibly and rely on your reason!

First a bit of scandal. Serial killer reportedly on the loose in the movie studios. This reporter’s sources have suggested that when confronted with the possibility of criminal and communist elements within the ranks of the movie studios, a potential killer was present and voted not to lynch anyone.

People close to patriotic performer Hobbes promises he pledges allegiance to the good old red, white, and blue and places his full support in capitalism. With the work being done by the HUAC and Tailgunner Joe, maybe Hobbes looks to join the ranks of well loved All-American actors like John Wayne and Ronald Reagan. Time will tell if he’s a regular Yankee Doodle Dandy!

Word from the acting academies around the country is that a certain “M” is employing the “Method” acting model popularized by Stanislavski and Strasberg. Could this M be looking to improve Oscar night chances or is something else at work?

Finally, anonymous sources have suggested to this journalist that a certain feathered spud might have loyalties beyond the studio system, going as far to suggest illegal and illicit interactions. This reporter cannot confirm these rumors but as the story develops be sure to follow these pages.

That’s all for today. Ta ta for now and keep being fabulous!

And now, the obituaries:

Lovely Bones was killed. They were Town.
Otakunomike was killed. They were Town.

Please make at least 3 posts per game-day (48 hours) or you will be replaced.

Rather, read through and think very well about your comment before posting it. Editing a post may get you modkilled and end up hurting your team and the game overall.

Please ask me any questions you may have in your personal QuickTopic.

Remember, attack arguments, not people. Everyone has a different play-style. Be accommodating to them.

ALSO REMEMBER, Tips to the Gossip Columnist MUST be submitted during the DAY. To send your ONE Tip for the Day, post the full content in your personal QuickTopic surrounded by << and >>

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4 Stars
1 Stalker
1 Method Actor (Universal Backup)
1 Serial Killer
3 Family (Scum; 1 Graverobber [Coroner], 1 Saboteur [Roleblocker], 1 Charlie [Godfather])
1 Cop
1 Fixer (Cop/Vig)
1 Coroner
1 Casting Director (Jailer)
3 Communists (Miller Masons)
1 X. Rum-Bubba, Leader of the Church of Dioretix (Miller Neighborizer)
1 Gossip Columnist

1 BannerThief
2 Lovely Bones – Town, Killed Night 1
3 Lutair
4 Zecko
5 Molly_Grue
6 Kolya
7 Fenton
8 Subsaharan
9 Mello – Replaced by Roswulf on Day 2
10 A Winged Potato
11 Milkproof Robot
12 Colonel Mustard
13 snugglewumps
14 TheKappa
15 ElMarinero
16 Shipwreck
17 Otakunomike – Town, Killed Night 1
18 Flaxon Jackson
19 HobbesMk2 – Replace by MacCrocodile on Day 2

Day 2 will end Sunday, 8 PM PST. It’s going to be a long day because A. It’s the weekend and 2. I’m not going to have internet access until Sunday.
Countdown to End of Day 2.