Werewolf game hosted by Onan the Barbarain

The place is unreal. The people are unreal. The flowers are unreal—they don’t smell. The fruit is unreal. Even the streets and buildings are unreal. I always expected to hear a carpenter shout “Strike” and the whole place come down like a stage set. That’s what Hollywolf is—a set, a glaring, gaudy, nightmarish set erected in the desert.
-Ethel Barrymore

It’s the summer of 19X7. A mutilated corpse was found dumped between Coliseum Street and West 39th. Crazies broke into a home and murdered celebrities in Benedict Canyon. The House Un-American Activities Committee is convinced the town is infested with Communists. The latest fad is a new religion dreamed up by a pulp novelist. And everyone’s reading the latest gossip rag.

Hollywolf is going to hell in a handbasket, and it’s up to you, the stars, the natives, the dreamers and degenerates, to save it, if it’s even worth saving.


4 Stars (Vanilla)
Town – Their only abilities are their vote and their charm.

1 Stalker
Town – Paired with a Star. Each Night, they may send their Star a message. If their Star dies, they die too. The Stalker sends their message via their QuickTopic, with the full message surrounded by [[ and ]].

1 Method Actor (Universal Backup)
Town – Assumes the abilities of the first non-vanilla Townie lynched or killed (except Communists).

1 Serial Killer
Anti-Town – Targets a player to kill each Night. Wins when everyone else is dead.

3 Family (Scum)
Anti-Town – Faction QuickTopic, target a player to kill each Night. They win when they control half the Day vote or nothing can prevent the same, and the Serial Killer is dead.
— 1 Graverobber (Scum Coroner) – Targets a dead player each Night and learns their Role.
— 1 Saboteur (Scum Roleblocker) – Targets a player each Night to Roleblock.
— 1 Charlie (Godfather) – Investigates as Town.

1 Cop
Town – Targets a player each Night to investigate. Results are Town or Anti-Town.

1 Fixer (Cop/Vig hybrid)
Town – Targets a player each Night to Kill OR Investigate. Results are Town or Anti-Town.

NOTE: If the Cop investigates the Fixer, or vice-versa, they will discover a true ally in this crazy town, and team up in a private QuickTopic.

1 Coroner
Town – Targets a dead player each Night and learns their Role.

1 Casting Director (Jailer)
Town – Targets a player each Night to Protect (if you know what I mean), but also Roleblocks them. May target the same player more than once, but not on consecutive Nights.

3 Communists (Miller Masons)
Town – Shows up as Anti-Town on Investigation. Has a private QuickTopic. Communists can rest assured that their fellow Communists are also Town.

1 X. Rum-Bubba, Leader of the Church of Dioretix (Miller Neighborizer)
Town – Shows up as Anti-Town on Investigation. Targets a player each Night to recruit into the Church of Dioretix (private QuickTopic). Recruits retain their Roles. If they attempt to recruit a Communist, the attempt will fail. NOTE: Neighborized players may be of any alignment.

1 Gossip Columnist
Town – 1-Shot Bulletproof. If targeted by the Serial Killer and the Family on the same Night, the Gossip Columnist will die. Special power: see below.

New Mechanic: GOSSIP
During each Day, every player may send one (1) Tip to the Gossip Columnist. Any attempts to send a second message will fail, so get it right the first time. Send a Tip by posting a message in your QuickTopic surrounded by << and >>. The tabloids come out first thing in the morning, so Tips MUST be in before Twilight. If the Day ends before you get your Tip in, tough luck.

At Night, the Gossip Columnist will receive all Tips anonymously. As their Night action, they write their column (please paraphrase, no copy/pasting) by posting it in their QuickTopic surrounded by {{ and }}. They may write as little or as much as they want, using or discarding Tips at their discretion. Their column will be Published the following Day in the main topic.

If the Gossip Columnist is Roleblocked, they will still receive Tips, but they be won’t be able to Publish a column.

Talk is cheap. Since anyone can send in a Tip, don’t believe everything you read.

01. BannerThief
02. Lovely Bones
03. Lutair
04. Zecko
05. Molly_Grue
06. Kolya
07. Fenton
08. Subsaharan
09. Mello
10. A Winged Potato
11. Milkproof Robot
12. Colonel Mustard
13 .snugglewumps
14. TheKappa
15. ElMarinero
16. Shipwreck
17. Otakunomike
18. Flaxon Jackson
19. HobbesMk2