Werewolf XVI: Circle of Death (Day 1 Thread)

You’re going to be playing as yourselves or exaggerated versions of yourselves. The first two deaths will be at 3 and 4 CST with a 60 minute interval between, and the rest today will be 45 minute intervals. We’ll pause at some point, whenever is most preferred, and start up again later tonight.

All of you wake up as the lights flicker to life. You are all standing up, assembled in two tight circles around a mysterious apparatus. You look around and see, oh let’s say The Flash, run off their circle into the surrounding darkness, only to be zapped by the central machine and dragged off by an unseen force. At regular intervals someone must die and everyone gets to vote on who it will be.

In-universe you’re pointing at each other to vote to kill someone, but obviously you can’t actually do that so there’ll be vote threads for each interval.

11/12 Vanilla Town
3 in Alliance

1. Banner Thief
2. Mello Yello Enthusiast
3. Kolya
4. Subsaharan
5. Shipwreck
6. A Winged Potato
7. The Kappa
8. Harvey Dent
9. Felixir
10. Flaxon Jackson
11. Creeper
12. Onan the Barbarian
13. Liz
14. Molly
15. Edgar Allen Hoe