Werewolf XIV – WOLF COPS! (Day 1)

If you’d like to comment on the game, make a request here and I’ll give you a link to the graveyard QT.

It has been brought to my attention as police commissioner here in Avocado PD that a few members of our city’s finest have become mixed up with the same criminal element they’d sworn to protect us from.

This is Werewolf XIV: Wolf Cops!

You’re all officers of the law, some of you more unprincipled than others but make no mistake, this entire department is a joke and a public embarrassment for our city and I would sooner just have you all shitcanned. This is your chance to convince me that I should not. Code of silence, my ass.

Some of you will be tasked with helping root out the bad apples. You are vanilla cops and each night you each submit the name of an officer of your choosing to investigate but by random selection, only one of you gets results. If a name is investigated by more than two vanilla cops in one night and one of them is randomly selected, the name will return no results.

Beware of the wolf cops and their wolf cop wiles. They will stop at nothing to keep you from coming forward with whatever information you find – bribery, coercion, even murder. Yes, you too could become a wolf cop if you aren’t one already. That’s what happens when you sit idly by and allow my department to be overrun by wolves. Wipe that stupid grin off your face, Farva. You disgust me. For as long as the 3-shot wolf cop recruiter remains alive, you are always in danger of being one of the three possible recruits. Once they die, all you have to worry about is being murdered.

By the mayor’s orders, I have brought in extra help from internal affairs and from the FBI. Hey, I hate those scumbags just as much as you all do but I don’t feel terribly sorry that you have to work with them. You make me look bad, all of you.

Oh and one more thing. I’m confirming rumors that there’s a mole in the department. That’s right. Some Mafia-connected henchman has been working among you all for years and none you sorry excuses for police has been able to find out who it is. Why do I even bother? You’re all dismissed.

I am your police commissioner Sub V. Subverson and yes, I have a bug up my ass. Clean up this department or all your asses are toast.


The game at its core is split up into 2 teams. Town (vanilla cops) and werewolves (wolf cops). Vanilla cops doesn’t know who each other are and need to find out while killing the wolf cops killing them off (or recruiting them). Wolf cops try and trick you into voting for your fellow vanilla cop as they know who each other are.

You vote by replying to the very first comment which I have titled VOTE THREAD. It is easy to find if you sort comments to oldest. To change you vote, simply post another reply. DO NOT EDIT YOUR INITIAL VOTE.

Each day/night, all vanilla cops submit a name in their QT belonging to someone they’d like to investigate. Only one randomly selected cop each night will have the name confirmed as good/bad/maybe. If a name is submitted by more than two cops, no results on that name are returned.

Two Vanilla cops are partnered (Masons already confirmed town to each other) and will be able to communicate daily in an unmarked squad car (Mason QT).

Once per night, the Internal Affairs agent (Jail Keeper) may target an officer to be protected (“bringing them in for questioning”). This will protect them from one kill or recruitment for one night and will also block whatever night-action they attempt (this includes vanilla cop investigations).

On one night of their choosing, the FBI Specialist (1-Shot Vigilante) may attempt to nightkill one officer they suspect is either a Wolf Cop or the Mafia Mole.

Once per night, the Mafia Mole (Serial Killer) may target an officer, thus killing them.

Each night, the Wolf cops may either use a factional nightkill or recruit an officer to join their ranks. As long as the 3-Shot Wolf Cop Recruiter is still alive and hasn’t used up all their shots, it can only either be one or the other each night. In addition to that, the Wolf Cop Roleblocker can target a player each night, blocking whatever night-action they attempt (this includes vanilla cop investigations).

The default QT looks like this:

You are a Vanilla Cop.
During the day, your strength is your vote and intellect. Use it wisely.
At night, you may submit the name of a player you’d like to investigate in an attempt to discover their true nature.
However, only one Vanilla Cop by random selection each night will have the name they submit confirmed as either [good], [maybe], or [bad].
If you are selected to have the name you submit confirmed but two other Vanilla Cops or more submitted the same name, you will return a [no result].
If you are selected to have the name you submit confirmed but you did not submit one, you will return nothing.
All names must be submitted in this fashion: <<name>>.
You win if all threats to the department are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.

Please make at least 3 posts per game-day (48 hours) or you will be replaced.

Rather, read through and think very well about your comment before posting it. Editing a post may get you modkilled and end up hurting your team and the game overall.

A typical day will end after 48 hours unless a majority vote is reached before that. A typical night will end after 24 hours unless all night actions are received before that.

Please ask me any questions you may have in your personal QT.

Attack arguments, not people. Everyone has a different play-style. Be accommodating to them.


1) Penny B
2) Tyrone
3) Onan
4) Kolya
5) Molly
6) Mello
7) BannerThief
8) El Marinero
9) Milkproof Robot
10) Otakunomike
11) liz156
12) Zecko
13) Flaxon Jackson
14) creeper
15) TheInternetsCappadocius
16) Shipwreck
17) Starbuck
18) Nosilla
19) Felixir


14 Vanilla Cops (Including 2 Partnered Vanilla Cops (Masons))
2 Wolf Cops (3-Shot Wolf Cop Recruiter and Wolf Cop Roleblocker)
Internal Affairs Agent (Jail Keeper)
Mafia Mole (Serial Killer)
FBI Specialist (1-Shot Vigilante)

Day 1 ends at 12:30PM CT Saturday or if a majority lynch vote is reached first.

Countdown to End of Day