American Dad! Season 13 Episode 22: “Standard Deviation”

Episode grade: B

Well, this is it… the season finale of season 13 of American Dad!. I don’t think any of us expected a show that’s been on the air so long to be able to recapture its mojo, but here we are: I’d say it’s one of the best they’ve done. Maybe not as great as the peak between seasons 6 and 8, but still very worthy of praise, and rather unique in the library of long-running television sitcoms.

Hayley joining in on one of Stan’s undercover missions was pretty awesome. And drugging him and segueing into an awesome Avatar inspired drug trip was even more awesome. Once again this show goes above and beyond to deliver the kind of exceptional visuals that no one else can match. I’m always a fan of Hayley and Stan connecting, and here we see it in its most glorious form.

Stan’s drug trip was pretty damn amazing as one would expect. Way over the top, but not actually real. It eventually crosses paths with Steve’s B-plot, in which he helps Jeff to realize some of his “alien actually stuck in a human body” dreams, creating an alien instrument that’s a cross between a lute and a bagpipe. While I’m not much of a fan of that particular plot development from last season, it’s a fairly amusing distraction from the A-plot.

So, yeah. 22 episodes in this season, and most were quite worthy of their legacy. I’d add more here, but I’m drunk and I’m not getting paid a dime for this, so fuck y’all, and see you next season!

Season grade: A-

Random observations:

Sir Patrick Stewart doesn’t get nearly enough credit for his incredible voice acting as Avery Bullock.

“The soup is from ‘Bicycling Magazine’! It’s called ‘Home-made Paste for Patching a Flat Tire’!”

“D.J. Buttercup in the house! I’m here all night, except when I take a break at 3… to have sex with at least five of you!”

“Roger Goes Down on Lilith Fair”… lmao.

“Oh… Stan’s having an accident.”

“I was wrong about you, Jeff… you’re no bum. You’re a street musician. Entertainer of bums.”

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