Time Travel Mafia (Day 2)

Werewolf game hosted by Onan the Barbarian

Day 0
Day 1

A scream rang out in the corridors of the time cage. 12 individuals rushed to find Subsaharan with a knife in his chest. The remaining individuals looked at each other,

“Oh no,” said Penny B as their existence ended with a loud POP.

Subsaharan was a TRAVELER (VT) JUNIOR.
Penny B was the COP, and Sub’s ELDER.

REMEMBER: This is a game. People have different playstyles. Respect each other and have fun.

ALSO: Please make at least 3 posts every game-Day or you will be replaced.

NO EDITING POSTS: Think about what you want to say. If you edit, you may be modkilled, which hurts your team.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, please ask me in your QuickTopic.

Day 2 will end at 6 PM PST on Tuesday.

Countdown to End of Day

Player List:

1 Subsaharan – TRAVELER (VT) JUNIOR
2 Penny B – COP ELDER
3 Mello
4 Milkproof Robot
5 Molly_Grue
6 Tyrone
7 Kolya
8 BannerThief
9 Shipwreck
10 El Marinero
11 the good king snugglewumps
12 MacCrocodile
13 Lovely Bones – TRAVELER (VT) ELDER
14 Felixir