Funco. Eternal Slumber (Day 3 Game Thread)

Werewolf game hosted by Tyrone

A clicking sound appeared in Milkproof’s head. She started dancing to the beat. She saw Nosily dancing along in the background.

“You’re on fire!” Someone shouted.

And sure enough, Nosilla had caught fire.

The clicking in Milkproof’s head grew louder and louder until the beat and her head exploded.

Nosilla and Milkproof Robot have died.

Nosilla and Milkproof Robot were both Slumberers (Vanilla Town)

(Check your QTs for the Graveyard.)

Day 3 Begins now.

Player List:

Red Room:

1. Onan
2. Jacoby
3. MacCrocodile Slumberer (VT)

Orange Room:

1. Mello Slumberer (VT)
2. Banner Thief The Witch
3. ScienceIsBad
4. Harvey Dent

Green Room:

1. Creeper
2. El Marinero
3. TheInternetsCappadocius
4. Penny B

Blue Room:

1. Subsaharan
2. Milkproof Slumberer (VT)
3. Shipwreck
4. Nosilla Slumberer (VT)

Purple Room:

1. Flaxon
2. Hicks Slumberer (VT)
3. Zecko
4. Molly Grue

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Day 2:…

Countdown to End of Day:…