Werewolf XI: You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive (Day 3 Game Thread)

Repost of End of Day 2 to begin narrative

The tide shifted abruptly but fully after Boyd Crowder stood before those around him and delivered his earnest testimony. The night had even yet to truly set in and there was already a consensus, in stark contrast to the previous night’s seeming endlessness. Without Mike around, Wynn knew it was finally over for him. He absolutely refused to be taken in, with how many people in any given state prison that he definitely had f*cked over at some point in his long life. The votes hadn’t even sunk into anyone else’s minds yet, and the Marshals hadn’t even had a chance to get up, before Wynn Duffy, nearly speechless for the first time in his manic life, quietly stated, “Yeah, I put the whole operation together, but there are more people you’re going to need to find, and I bid you all the best of f*cking luck with finding them.” He retrieved his pistol from the table, pressed the barrel against the back of his head, and as Mags Bennet covered Loretta’s eyes and Raylan Givens rushed towards the table in futile effort, Wynn Duffy blasted his brains out. The weasel had finally reached the day he couldn’t slip out of trouble, and he had always known what he was going to do on the day he failed himself.

Zecko/Wynn Duffy is dead. He was the Mafia Leader.

Everyone shuffled out of the bar and went on with their evenings for the time being, except for the restless Marshalls who, with the break in their case via Duffy’s untimely demise, proceeded to raid his home and search for evidence towards the other Mafia associates that he had mentioned.

As they were working towards this, Mags Bennet sat in her kitchen with two ski-masked gunmen standing before her, weapons aimed at her face, having regrettably announced that she planned to make a visit to someone later in the evening. Evidently, those who had betrayed Harlan to the Mafia had reason to keep that person safe from harm, and now having seen the poison apple pie that she was preparing as they broke into her home, they had all the proof they needed as to her intent to harm this person she would have visited, had they not intervened. Mags quietly asked them if this could be moved away from her home, so that Loretta and her surviving sons would not have to be awoken by what was about to happen, or have to find her body. The two looked at each other, and despite some hesitance on one of their parts, ultimately nodded and gestured for her to follow them. They drove to the wooded outskirts of Harlan, far from where most people could hear what was about to transpire, and Mags casually got out of the car, and turned towards her assailants, looking stoically into their eyes. “Let’s get on with this, ” she quietly sighed. They riddled her with bullets, and left her body in the woods.

Penny / Mags Bennet is dead. She was the Serial Killer.

As the group assembled the next day, the team of US Marshals made a shocking announcement: they knew for sure that there were two remaining Mafia associates, but they had also discovered written plans and anonymous correspondences that suggested there was a fourth individual, a member of the Marshals’ service who had converted to being a mole for the traitors, aiding them in eluding capture and sabotaging the investigation. For the first time, truly everyone was on the table, and all of the Marshals had to sit down amongst these criminals and reconsider their trust i each other just as they have had to investigate the other patrons.

I will be flexible with regards to your language, its nature versus RP-appropriateness, as long as everyone remains committed to role-playing and remaining firmly in character throughout. The psychology and motivations of your characters take greater priority over approximation of location-accurate language.

Player/Patron List:

1. ScienceIsBad / US Marshal Raylan Givens
2. BannerThief / Boyd Crowder
3. Milkproof Robot / Deputy Chief Marshal Art Mullen
4. Creeper / Arlo Givens
5. Subsaharan / US Marshal Tim Gutterson
6. A Winged Potato / US Marshal Rachel Brooks
7. CaptCanadatheMystic / Loretta McReady
8. DRC / Constable Bob Sweeney
9. Buck Wonder / Ava Crowder
10. MacCrocodile / Devil Lennox

Role List, with Parentheses indicating how to refer to different positions in-game:

3 Vanilla Town (Citizens
1 Mason (Alliance)
1 JailKeeper (Guard)
1 Cop (Investigator)
1 Former One Shot Vigilante
2 Mafia
1 Mole

IMPORTANT: NO EDITING POSTS. If you edit a post you can be killed and damage your team. Think about what you want to say before posting it.

ALSO IMPORTANT: Please make at least 3 posts per (in-game) Day, or you will be replaced.